Members' Reserves

Why store your wine in Members' Reserves?

Members' Reserves

Ideal storage conditions

Used by thousands of Society members, our Members' Reserves service allows you to store your wines in perfect conditions.

Excellent rates

The annual rental charge is £8.64 per case per year: 'probably the best value wine storage in the UK' (Jancis Robinson MW, The cost includes eventual delivery and insurance at replacement value.

Up-to-date advice on when to drink your wines

The Society's expert buyers conduct an assessment of wines kept in storage each year. Members can view the recommended drinking windows of their wines online and are also notified of them in an annual statement sent by post or e-mail.

Quick and easy access

Wines removed in whole cases (or in the units in which they were placed in Reserves) will be delivered free of charge within the UK. Wines may be delivered to your home or alternative UK address, or collected from the Cellar Showroom in Stevenage.

Full insurance cover

Wines stored in Members' Reserves are insured at replacement value as part of the annual rental charge.

Putting wines into Members' Reserves

Members' Reserves

You can choose to put wine bought from The Society into Reserves rather than have it delivered to you when you place an order online, by telephone or by post.

The following products may be purchased and laid down in Members' Reserves:

  • A full case of a single product
  • A case made up of a mix of products selected by the member.
    Please note: cases must be multiples of 12 bottles. Mixed cases will be stored, and must be withdrawn as a unit of 12, so the combination of bottles you select should have similar drinking windows. Members can withdraw mixed cases made up of wines selected from full-cases (see below).
  • A pre-mixed case offered by The Wine Society as a mixed case
  • Individual bottles where The Wine Society has restricted the amount for sale

Ways to select wines to put into Reserves:

  • The Laying Down List is updated regularly with wines that members can choose to purchase and cellar.
  • The Fine Wine List, which is published every three months in print and online.
  • En Primeur offers. Members ordering these wines in advance can choose to have them placed into Members' Reserves when they arrive in the UK. Members can now store their En Primeur wines In-Bond (The duty and VAT will be paid when the wines are withdrawn) or store them Duty Paid when the monies will be paid immediately.
  • Our List or regular offers, both printed and online, give drinking windows for wines that would benefit from further bottle age.
  • Wines from a Vintage Cellar Plan can be stored in Reserves (the first year's storage is free).
  • Alternatively, contact our team of Fine Wine Advisers, who will be very pleased to help.

Storage Charges

The Wine Society offers one of the lowest cost Members' Reserves services in the UK. The annual rental charge is £8.64 per case per year, inclusive of VAT and insurance at replacement value, and is charged annually in advance.

Rental charges will be calculated and invoiced annually in advance at the rate shown in The Society's List current at the date of the invoice.

Taking wines out of Members' Reserves

Members' Reserves

You can choose to withdraw wines online, or by telephone or post.

Whole-case withdrawal

Wine may be removed in the same way in which it was laid down (as unmixed cases, pre-mixed cases, member-mixed cases or individual bottles where The Society has restricted the amount for sale) at any time and delivered free of charge in the UK.

Part-case withdrawal

Alternatively, members can remove a few bottles of a full case stored in Reserves and leave the remainder to mature further in ideal storage conditions. Wines removed in this way need to be made up into 12-bottle cases using no more than four different wines from the member's unmixed cases stored in Reserves. There is no charge for this service.

Please note that wines already stored in Reserves as part of a mixed case cannot be included in this service and that mixed cases cannot be exported.

A separate withdrawal request is required for each part-case withdrawal of 12 bottles; therefore, to withdraw two cases, you should submit two separate requests.

Keeping track of your wines

  • Members are able to view exactly what they have in storage by logging in to the My Account section of the website, which also lists our recommended drinking dates for each wine.
  • Member Services Fine Wine Advisers are available to provide specific advice on your Reserves.
  • You will also be sent an annual statement containing up-to-date drinking windows for your Reserves.

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