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How this pre-order opening offer works

This selection of the most sought-after wines of the vintage requires members to pre-order*

  • At this stage, members wanting to buy the wines need to place a pre-order. The pre-order will be based on the guide price range that we have specified. Predicting what individual château owners will decide when setting their prices is notoriously difficult. The price bands that we have indicated for the wines in this offer are rather wide, but represent our best ’guess-timates’ at the time of going to press. Members may, however, indicate a maximum price which they would be willing to pay within this price range.

  • when the wine prices are released by the châteaux (The Society has no control over when this will be) members will be notified whether they have been successful in their pre-orders for these particular wines. please note: If the release price exceeds your maximum stated price, we will assume the wine is not required at the higher price. Should the release price exceed our guide price, we will contact you to ask whether you would still like to order the wine.

  • If your pre-order is successful, we will debit your card for the wine once the offer has closed. This will be once all the prices have been released and we anticipate this to be mid-June at the latest.

* Pre-ordering allows us the best chance of securing the right stock of these highly sought-after wines.