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2017 Red and White Burgundy

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2017 Red and White Burgundy

A lovely, balanced vintage

The Wines

Mid-weight, ripe, aromatic and fruity

The 2017 Burgundies I have selected here have lovely pure aromas, ripe fruit, fine-boned structure and attractive freshness.

They reflect rather than conceal their terroir, showing the character of the vineyards in which they are grown.

The crop was a good size overall, but not excessively large, and the weather was warm and dry resulting in an early harvest of ripe, healthy grapes. Despite this early harvest, the grapes are fresh as well as ripe.

There are lovely wines in both colours. While 2017 may not hit the heights of the great 2015 reds or 2014 whites, for example, it is certainly a very attractive year: the wines should be delicious to drink early and will age well in the medium term.

In sum, it is a typically Burgundian vintage of delicious wines.

For members looking for a variety of wines to choose from we include five mixed cases priced from £118.

Reds: a year that will give enormous pleasure

2017 produced exuberantly fruity wines with medium structure, so that the aromas are not suppressed by their tannins. It was potentially high yielding for pinot noir and the best growers managed the yield and got ripe yet fresh grapes. The warm year produced an early harvest which took place between 2nd and 15th September.

A variety of red styles were made: the weather was good at vintage so there is a spread of picking dates. Some are fresh and bright, while the later-picked wines are rounder and sweeter. The notes on the domaines will guide you regarding the styles made at different addresses.

Both the Côte de Beaune and Côte de Nuits were successful, making wines that in style and quality surpass 2014, are riper than 2013 yet are lighter than the really concentrated and great 2016s and 2015s.

Whites: aromatic, ripe but fresh

Chablis: bright and fresh

The weather was coolest in Chablis, leading to bright and fresh wines close to the great 2014s in style and character. In the last fortnight of April frost ravaged the vineyards, reducing yield but not affecting quality. Some premiers crus like Montée de Tonnerre and Mont de Milieu produced less than half a crop. The grands crus were partially protected by frost prevention measures.

Côte d’Or: excellent concentration and good structure

Many vines here are low yielding due to coulure (poor fruit set which reduces quantity, but not quality) and some heat stress, which may have conserved acidity. The summer was warm and so the moderate crop ripened quickly and was picked early at the end of August or early September.

Mâconnais: very good wines from the best growers

It was warmest here and yields probably were at their highest, yet the good producers controlled this and picked early to preserve ripeness, making for very attractive wines.

Toby Morrhall
Toby Morrhall
Your buyer for Burgundy

A note about alcohols: This year, for the first time in our Burgundy offer, we are including indicative alcohol levels for all wines. Please note that these are intended as a guideline, and may vary slightly from what appears on the label after bottling.

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