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Terms and Conditions

We encourage you to place an order as soon as possible as, once a particular wine’s price has been established, no more pre-orders will be taken for that wine.

If demand exceeds supply

Although pre-ordering reduces the likelihood, there is still a chance that some wines may be oversubscribed. In the event of this occurring, we will share out (as far as is practical) the available stock equally amongst ordering members. If this still does not allow every member to have some wine, then as a final resort we divide members into groups depending on their level of support for The Society (quantity of wine bought, spend, orders placed etc). Members who have given greater support to The Society will have a better chance (but no certainty) of being allocated wine, and those who have given less support will have a lesser chance (but still a chance).

Members’ Reserves

The Society’s Members’ Reserves is a purpose-built, temperature-controlled facility offering members access to optimum storage conditions. The annual rental charge is £8.64 per case per year, inclusive of VAT and insurance at replacement value. Members can also remove a few bottles of a full case stored in Reserves. Click here for more detail.

In-Bond Reserves

You also have the opportunity to store your en primeur wines with The Society ‘in bond’, which means that the duty and VAT are payable when the wine is delivered to you.


  • Wines are offered in cases of six or three bottles as indicated.