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En Primeur Offer

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Terms and Conditions

How this offer works

We expect the demand for the 2015 Barolos to be high. We will share out oversubscribed wines as widely as possible down to a minimum practical level per member. After that, wines are allocated as fairly as possible.

  • Website, telephone and post orders will be accepted for this offer.
    Your order should arrive at Stevenage by 8pm, Tuesday 12th March, 2019.
  • We may have to ration wines in order to satisfy as many members as possible.
  • Members whose orders have been received 8pm, Tuesday 12th March, 2019 will receive confirmation of their purchase by Thursday 11th April, 2019 at the latest. If you wish to receive notification by e-mail of the wines you have been allocated, please give your e-mail address when you order online.

Terms and conditions for ordering the 2015 Barolos

En primeur wines are offered in cases of six or three as indicated.

The en primeur contract between us

  • Your en primeur order is an offer to buy from us. A contract is not formed until we accept your order which takes place when we invoice you for the wines at the en primeur price. The en primeur offer will indicate a date by which members will receive this confirmation of their purchase.

How to order

  • Members may order on the website, by telephone or post.
  • The Society recommends that payment be made by debit/credit card, as there could be a difference between the value of a member’s order and that of the wines available. The Society will only charge the debit/credit card for the value of the wines allocated.
  • If payment is made by cheque and The Society cannot fulfil any of the wines on the order, and if substitute wines are not available or acceptable, then your cheque will be returned to you. Otherwise, if a slightly less expensive wine is substituted, the member’s account will be credited.


  • Prices shown include delivery to a UK address but exclude excise duty and VAT which is payable, at the prevailing rate, after the wines arrive at Stevenage. Please note that VAT is payable on the sum of the en primeur price paid plus excise duty.
  • The approximate time that the wine will arrive is in early 2020.
    If a particular wine is unexpectedly delayed beyond this time, we will advise members with a revised anticipated arrival date. Duty and VAT will not be charged until after the wine is withdrawn from Stevenage.

If demand exceeds supply

  • If demand exceeds supply for any particular wine: we will seek to share stock equally amongst those members who have expressed an interest. This may mean that stock is rationed to six, three or, exceptionally one, bottle/s per member.
  • This rationing is regardless of how many cases were ordered by the member. For some wines, cutting down orders in this way is sufficient action to ensure that everyone gets something, at least. However, for very oversubscribed wines, this may still not allow every member to have some wine.
  • In this case we will allocate the stock. Allocations will be prioritised according to members’ levels of support for The Society (based on ordering history). Members who have given greater support to The Society will have a better chance (but no certainty) of being allocated a rationed amount of wine, and those who have given less support will have a lesser chance (but still a chance).

Order cancellation

  • If you change your mind about an en primeur order and wish to cancel it, please contact us within seven days of receipt of the Invoice/En Primeur Order Confirmation issued by The Society following order processing. We will then reimburse the appropriate sum paid within 14 days of cancellation. Due to the unique nature of en primeur campaigns, we are unable to accept cancellations after this time.

Once en primeur wines arrive at Stevenage

  • Expected to be early 2020.
  • The Society will contact members, by e-mail or post, notifying them that their wine has arrived and placed into In-Bond Members’ Reserves, and giving the opportunity for members to provide instructions for alternative storage or delivery.
  • The wines will be placed automatically into In-Bond Members’ Reserves. Members may opt to have their wines delivered within the UK, stored in Duty-Paid Members’ Reserves, collected from Stevenage, exported or transferred to an outside bonded warehouse (see below).
  • Please note that only unmixed cases can be exported or transferred to outside bonded warehouses (for which there will be an administration charge).
  • The en primeur wines remain the property of The Society until the wines are either transferred to In-bond or Duty-Paid Members’ Reserves or are delivered/collected as instructed, when they will become the property of the member.
  • The Society will remain responsible for insuring the wine at the original en primeur invoice value until they become the member’s property. Wines stored in either In-bond or Duty-Paid Members’ Reserves are insured at replacement cost.
  • Should members wish to transfer any wines from In-bond to Duty-Paid Reserves, the entire quantity of that wine will need to be transferred and Duty & VAT will be payable.