Our Growers
Our Growers

Our Growers

We believe that every great wine should tell its own story, from vine to bottle to first sip; and behind every great wine is a team of dedicated growers and winemakers, all sharing our passion for good wine, made with love and care. From our celebrated 100-year relationships, to exciting new partnerships, discover more about our growers here.

Mac Forbes

‘We’re a community that embraces a shared love of the land’

Mac Forbes, the winemaker behind our Blind Spot range

‘From our farming through to working with customers, what’s non-negotiable for me is respect and an eye to the longer term. The thing I love above all else in this industry are the proper relationships built over time. The Wine Society has become the finest example of a business in the 21st century that can succeed based on respect and valuing longer-term relationships. It offers members and suppliers the opportunity to be involved in a community that embraces a shared love of the land and celebrates the great joy its delicious fruits provide us with. It’s a privilege to work with you.’

Edouard Mouiex

‘In a world led by investments, to promote purely for pleasure is refreshing’

Edouard Mouiex, Bordeaux négociant J.P Mouiex

For three generations, we have been pursuing a single goal: the production of the best possible wines for the enjoyment of the consumers. The Wine Society and its unique set-up has always been in our mind the ideal model. In a world led by investments, to promote solely pleasure and lifestyle is both refreshing and exciting for the future. Thank you for keeping the tradition alive.

Chris Williams

‘It is such a pleasure to work with The Wine Society’

Chris Williams, Cellarmaster at Meerlust Estate, Stellenbosch, South Africa

‘It is such a pleasure to work with The Wine Society, not only because of your extensive membership of wine lovers, but also because of the professionalism and deep wine knowledge of all the staff. I particularly enjoy your tastings where I can interact directly with the people who drink our wines, and it has been great to see a younger generation of wine lovers joining The Society and appreciating what we make.

Your strategy to store wines under optimal conditions for release at the peak of maturity is particularly impressive. We know you can look after our wines perfectly and offer them to the members when they are at their best.’

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