Integrity, authenticity and an insatiable curiosity to find the world's most thrilling wines…

Passion before Profit

We've been championing the joy of good wine since 1874, because when you're passionate about something you want others to feel the love for it too! Our co-operative business model frees us to put our passion – for good wine, for fair pricing and for ethical grower relationships – above anything else.

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From unearthing a hidden parcel of Portuguese bucelas back in 1874 to the launch of our first-ever range of exploratory small-batch treasures in 2019, we've always been relentless in our mission to hunt out the most exciting bottles from across the globe.

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Our Buyers

'There really is no other organisation that can put wine quality before profit or growth. This means the Buyers enjoy immense freedom and independence, choosing wines because they are delicious, distinctive and good value, and not because they come from a fancy marketing brand.' Pierre Mansour, Head of Buying

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Our Growers

We believe that every great wine should tell its own story, from vine to bottle to first sip; and behind every great wine is a team of dedicated growers and winemakers, all sharing our passion for good wine, made with love and care. From our celebrated 100-year relationships, to exciting new partnerships, discover more about our growers here.

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Society Promise
Members before profit