Paying For Your Wines By Direct Debit

Payments by Direct DebitAs member-owned mutual, reducing costs where we can in order to benefit the membership is something we always try to do. One of The Society's biggest expenses is the commission we pay to process credit and debit card payments. It's a necessary part of doing business, but despite negotiating the best rates we can, more than £500,000 of members' money is used in this way each year. We would obviously far rather invest this money into our prices and services!

Direct debit payments are by some distance the cheapest way for The Society to process transactions. Debit cards cost a little more and credit cards more still.

Unlike direct debits you may have set up with utility companies or to pay your TV licence, this isn't a regular monthly payment; we will only take payment as and when you place an order.

Please be assured that your card details will be stored securely.

Sign up for a direct debit online today
or by calling 01438 741177

Please note: this service is only open to UK bank accounts and cannot be used for export orders


How does it work?

If you are willing to pay for your orders in this way:

  • Set up a direct debit online here or by calling Member Services on 01438 741177
  • Once the Direct Debit has been set up, you can use it when ordering online, or by telephoning and asking to pay by Direct Debit. The details of your Direct Debit instruction will be sent to you by email.
  • When the order is despatched from our warehouse you will be sent an email confirming the amount and the date on which your account will be debited (usually within 14 days).
  • If ordering from an en primeur offer, payment will be taken approximately 14 days after you receive your invoice for the initial payment of the wines. The invoice will state the actual date that payment is to be taken.

The Society has no plans to stop accepting debit and credit cards in the normal way, but we hope that members will find that paying by direct debit is simpler with the added benefit that it saves The Society – the mutual we all own – a bit of money as well.

Sign up for a direct debit online today or by calling 01438 741177

All the normal direct debit safeguards and guarantees apply. In the event of an error, you are entitled to an immediate refund from your bank or building society. You have the right to cancel a direct debit instruction at any time simply by writing to your bank or building society and sending a copy to us.

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