Diamond Standard Coronation Chicken

Coronation Chicken

It was a deserved hit 60 years ago, when good ingredients were hard to get hold of, so we should be able to do even better now. Alas not. Sitting miserably in sludgy yellow mayo, it might as well be called Abdication Chicken these days.

Forget the icky mango chutney and slice or cube a ripe fresh mango to alternate with the chicken pieces.

To a mixture of half-fat crème fraîche and 2% Greek yoghurt add a pinch of best garam masala and a whisper of Cayenne pepper or your favourite medium curry paste.

Toss tastefully and finish with fresh coriander leaves. Raise a glass and enjoy the fireworks.

Janet Wynne Evans

Wine recommendations:

Both pleasing and patriotic, Three Choirs Rosé goes very well with this dish as does the lychee-like Three Choirs Stone Brook white, also from Three Choirs.

The gewürztraminer grape comes into its own whenever curry flavours are involved.

Recipe originally published in Wine Without Fuss Spring 2012

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