Franck Bordat's Crackling Cabécou

Traiteur Franck Bordat highlights the connection few of us have made between sweet wine and preserved tomatoes.

Franck Bordat's Crackling Cabécou

Cabécou is a disc-shaped goat's milk cheese from the Périgord. Thickish slices of Ragstone or even the more widely available chèvre log, trimmed of skin, will do nicely, though you'll have to call it something else under EU rules.

This recipe makes four parcels, which are substantial enough for a starter with a fresh spinach salad. For tapas, halve them along the diagonal.

Ingredients & Method

You'll need three large sheets of filo pastry. Keep these rolled in a damp tea-towel until the very second you need to use them. Have the oven ready at 180°C/Gas 4, a buttered baking sheet to hand and all the other ingredients prepped, most importantly a generous knob of melted butter.

Cut each sheet in half and brush quickly with butter. Pop a disc of cheese in the middle, top with a teaspoon of drained, sun-dried tomatoes preserved in oil and a drop of honey.

Finish with a wafer-thin slice of apple and a sprinkling of fresh thyme leaves. Draw in the corners to make a neat parcel, and brush again with butter.

Put on the baking sheet, seams down. Repeat the operation with the rest or the ingredients and give everything a final buttery brushing. Bake for 10-15 minutes.

Wine Recommendation

Serve with a glass of Sauternes or Barsac.

Janet Wynne Evans

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