Crunchy Cheese Bites

Hipania CrujientesCrujientes de quesos from Hispania

These incredibly moreish pastries would make an ideal aperitif snack with a glass of cava. The recipe comes from Hispania and was one of a selection included in The Tapas Bar Guide.

Serves 10 or more


  • 200g filo pastry
  • 1 litre single cream
  • 600g sugar

For the filling:

  • 250g sheep cheese
  • 125g Ibores cheese (goat)
  • 500g Tetilla cheese (cow)
  • 20ml soy sauce


To make the crunchy pastry, mix the cream and the sugar with a hand mixer until you get a homogeneous liquid mixture, without whipping it. Cut the filo pastry in rectangles of 6 x 4cm. Cut four times as many rectangles as crunchies you wish to make (you'll need four per crunchy). With a brush, paint an oven tray with the cream and sugar mixture. Place the pastry rectangles on the tray and apply the same mixture with the brush. Add another layer of pastry rectangles on top and paint again (this is to obtain more resistant, crunchier bites). Bake in the oven at 170ºC/gas3-4 during 10-12 min. Keep to one side.

Grate the sheep and the goat's cheese and blend them together using a hand blender or a Thermomix until you obtain a thick mixture. Then add the Tetilla cheese in cubes and blend again to obtain a creamier texture. Add 20ml soy sauce to give a salty taste. Work the mixture and put it in a pastry bag (if you don't have one, you can fill a resealable freezer bag with the mix and cut one of the corner tips, making it not bigger than 1.5cm diameter). Apply the cheese mixture along one of the sides (not in the centre) of a filo pastry rectangle and sandwich it with another rectangle forming a tent. Repeat this step until you get the desired number of crunchies. Place them on a long tray and serve cold or slightly warm.

Wine recommendation:
Serve with cava as an aperitif.

October 2014

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