Wasabi-Spiced Duck

Inspired by Jean-Baptiste Depons

Although (or maybe because) he cut his culinary teeth on classic and complex fare at the Crillon and Tour d'Argent in Paris, private chef Jean-Baptiste Depons deals in startlingly original ideas involving very few ingredients.

Wasabi-Spiced Duck

The original recipe calls for aiguillettes, or the little fillets you find on the underside of chicken breasts, almost like a free gift. In France they tend to be removed from prepared duck breasts, or magrets, and sold separately. If you can't find them, use two regular duck breasts, skinned and cut into 4-6 strips for the directions below.

Heat a frying pan and fry the strips in a little groundnut or sunflower oil until lightly coloured on both sides. Add 50g honey and a generous splash of red wine vinegar and let it all bubble away while the duck finishes cooking and absorbs the flavours. Remove from the pan and, while still hot, sprinkle - carefully - with green wasabi powder and rather more generously with sesame seeds. Serve on lightly seasoned leaves of Little Gem lettuce.

Serve with a glass of Sauternes or Barsac.

Janet Wynne Evans

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