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Showing 36 results

Alegria Manzanilla

Spain 15% vol
4.65517 star rating 29 Reviews
Voted a winner by our Wine Champions panel of tasters this year, 'lovely tang...
Price:£9.50 Bottle
Price:£57.00 Case of 6

Romate Maribel A Selection of Amontillado Medium Dry

Spain 19% vol
4.70833 star rating 24 Reviews
Superb amontillado sherry offering hazelnutty flavour lightly scented with fl...
Price:£9.95 Bottle
Price:£119.00 Case of 12

The Society's London Dry Gin 70cl

37.5% vol
4 star rating 26 Reviews
This is a classic, juniper-led gin made exclusively for the Wine Society by m...
Price:£17.00 Bottle
Price:£204.00 Case of 12

The Society's Blended Speyside Malt Scotch Whisky

Scotland 40% vol
4.46667 star rating 15 Reviews
A lovely medium-bodied dram, our eight-year-old malt shows great elegance and...
Price:£21.00 Bottle
Price:£252.00 Case of 12

Litre of The Society's Blended Scotch Whisky

Scotland 40% vol
3.47619 star rating 21 Reviews
An exclusive blend for The Wine Society, this is based on Highland and Speysi...
Price:£22.00 Bottle
Price:£132.00 Case of 6

The Society’s Exhibition Mature Medium Dry Oloroso Blend

Spain 20.5% vol
4.73333 star rating 30 Reviews
Dark, powerful and fragrant oloroso. Years of ageing in barrel have concentra...
Price:£13.95 Bottle
Price:£167.00 Case of 12

The Society's Gin High Strength 70cl 50%

50% vol
4.64706 star rating 34 Reviews
For a gin and tonic with an extra kick! Our high-strength gin is made by Tham...
Price:£22.00 Bottle
Price:£264.00 Case of 12

Romate Don José A Selection of Oloroso Medium Dry

Spain 17.5% vol
4.5 star rating 8 Reviews
Full-bodied and round on the palate without being sweet, this is a flavoursom...
Price:£9.95 Bottle
Price:£119.00 Case of 12

The Society's Tawny Port

Portugal 19% vol
4 star rating 3 Reviews
New name and label, the same versatile young Port made for us by the Symingto...
Price:£11.50 Bottle
Price:£69.00 Case of 6

The Society’s Chambéry

France 17.5% vol
4.54545 star rating 22 Reviews
Dry and floral, the most distinctive of all vermouths and based on local herb...
Price:£10.50 Bottle
Price:£126.00 Case of 12

The Society’s Exhibition Mature Medium Sweet Oloroso Blend

Spain 20% vol
4.5 star rating 24 Reviews
Wonderfully fragrant old oloroso, concentrated by long cask ageing. Its explo...
Price:£13.95 Bottle
Price:£167.00 Case of 12

Romate Fino Perdido

Spain 15% vol
4.21739 star rating 23 Reviews
Each fino cask is a fermentation vessel and it ferments and matures with diff...
Price:£9.25 Bottle
Price:£111.00 Case of 12

The Society’s Full Rich Madeira, 3 years old

Madeira 19% vol
4.125 star rating 8 Reviews
The Society's Full Rich Madeira is made from tinta negra mole grapes from vin...
Price:£14.95 Bottle
Price:£179.00 Case of 12

Domaine Tariquet Bas-Armagnac VSOP

France 40% vol
4.5 star rating 30 Reviews
An amber-coloured seven-year-old Armagnac from Gascony, with a bouquet of pru...
Price:£34.00 Bottle
Price:£204.00 Case of 6

The Society's Exhibition Tawny Port, 10 Years Old

Portugal 20% vol
3.2 star rating 10 Reviews
Fragrant Tawny Port with a smooth, silky texture and subtle oak nuances from ...
Price:£17.50 Bottle
Price:£210.00 Case of 12

Dolin Red Vermouth de Chambéry

France 16% vol
3.66667 star rating 9 Reviews
A benchmark red vermouth made by Dolin to an 1820s' recipe. Using more than 3...
Price:£13.50 Bottle
Price:£162.00 Case of 12

The Society's Cognac VSOP

France 40% vol
3.22222 star rating 18 Reviews
Produced by family-run independent Cognac distiller Château d'Orignac exclusi...
Price:£29.00 Bottle
Price:£174.00 Case of 6

Lustau La Ina

Spain 15% vol
3 star rating 1 Reviews
Plenty of praise for this ‘light, delicate, tangy’ sherry from our panel of W...
Price:£10.50 Bottle
Price:£63.00 Case of 6

The Society's Exhibition Crusted Port, Bottled 2013

Portugal 20% vol
4.46154 star rating 26 Reviews
For a great-value Port, look no further than what Sebastian Payne MW describe...
Price:£18.50 Bottle
Price:£111.00 Case of 6

Half bottle of Don Zoilo 15-year-old Pedro Ximénez, Williams & Humbert

Spain 18% vol
4.33333 star rating 6 Reviews
With deep, almost opaque colour and a yellow tinge, this has a mature figgy b...
Price:£9.50 Half Bottle
Price:£114.00 Case of 12

Litre of The Society's Vodka

37.5% vol
4.5 star rating 4 Reviews
Made exclusively for us in London, this English-grain based vodka is pure, cl...
Price:£21.00 Bottle
Price:£252.00 Case of 12

Graham's Fine White Port

Portugal 19% vol
4.11111 star rating 9 Reviews
Sold at home and abroad, this crisp, fresh white Port is delicious served ove...
Price:£13.95 Bottle
Price:£83.50 Case of 6

The Society's Exhibition Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky 12 Years Old

Scotland 40% vol
3.53846 star rating 13 Reviews
Speyside produces some of Scotland's most elegant malts. This has a great nos...
Price:£41.00 Bottle
Price:£246.00 Case of 6

Graham's Six Grapes Reserve Port

Portugal 20% vol
4 star rating 1 Reviews
Handsomely presented, youthful, generous and deliciously drinkable pouring Po...
Price:£14.95 Bottle
Price:£89.50 Case of 6

Don Zoilo Collection Dry Amontillado 15 Years Old, Williams & Humbert

Spain 19% vol
3.83333 star rating 12 Reviews
A benchmark dry amontillado, which drew high praise and high scores from our ...
Price:£17.00 Bottle
Price:£102.00 Case of 6

Quinta do Noval Unfiltered Late Bottled Vintage Port 2017

Portugal 19.5% vol
0 star rating 0 Reviews
A traditional LBV, this is a well-upholstered, rich and generous wine, with c...
Price:£21.00 Bottle
Price:£126.00 Case of 6

Château de Monbel Bas Armagnac 1999

France 41% vol
4 star rating 4 Reviews
This full, mature brandy has incredible concentration and complexity, with fl...
Price:£52.00 Bottle
Price:£624.00 Case of 12

Calvados du Pays d’Auge, VSOP

42% vol
3.33333 star rating 9 Reviews
Too often we forget about the delights of Calvados, a great pairing with many...
Price:£39.00 Bottle
Price:£468.00 Case of 12

East London Liquor Company London Dry Gin 70cl 40%

40% vol
4 star rating 7 Reviews
Made a stone's throw from Victoria Park in East London, this craft gin has an...
Price:£25.00 Bottle
Price:£150.00 Case of 6

Half bottle of The Society's Exhibition Port 2011

Portugal 20% vol
5 star rating 3 Reviews
The blend here is put together by Symington Family Estates exclusively for So...
Price:£24.00 Half Bottle
Price:£288.00 Case of 12

Dow's Tawny Port, 10 Years Old

Portugal 20% vol
3.5 star rating 2 Reviews
Refined wood-aged Port in the slightly drier style typical of this historic h...
Price:£21.50 Bottle
Price:£129.00 Case of 6

Williams & Humbert As You Like It Amontillado Medium Sweet 50cl

Spain 20.5% vol
4.6 star rating 5 Reviews
This astonishing sherry has rich dried-fruit flavours which have grown mellow...
Price:£31.00 Bottle
Price:£124.00 Case of 4

The Society's Exhibition Vintage Port 1980

Portugal 20% vol
2.71429 star rating 7 Reviews
Recently recorked, labelled and shipped directly from the Symington family’s ...
Price:£62.00 Bottle
Price:£372.00 Case of 6

Litre of The Society’s Medium Dry Amontillado Blend

Spain 17.5% vol
4.3 star rating 30 Reviews
True Amontillados (meaning "in the style of Montilla", a town in southern Spa...
Due back in stock soon

The Society's Fino

Spain 15% vol
4.14286 star rating 63 Reviews
A bracing sherry to lift the most jaded of palates. From the independent hous...
Due back in stock soon

Graham's Natura Reserve Port

Portugal 20% vol
4.1 star rating 10 Reviews
A wine from the Symington family's organically certified vineyards in Portuga...
Due back in stock soon
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