Our top-selling wines for this time of year. Failsafe choices chosen by your fellow members for their unbeatable value, these are wines that really overdeliver. Enjoy!

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Showing 17 results

The Society's Portuguese Red, Península de Setúbal 2023

Portugal 13.5% vol
4 star rating 4 Reviews
A 2024 Wine Championship winning combination of plump red and black fruits, j...
Price:£6.50 Bottle
Price:£78.00 Case of 12

The Society's Sicilian Reserve Red 2020

Italy 13.5% vol
Nero d'Avola
4.41379 star rating 29 Reviews
Produced for us from nero d'Avola grapes grown in the Ragusa and Agrigento re...
Price:£8.95 Bottle
Price:£107.00 Case of 12

The Society's White Burgundy 2023

France 12.5% vol
3 star rating 2 Reviews
A fine, dry white wine of great delicacy from the Mâconnais in southern Burgu...
Price:£11.95 Bottle
Price:£143.00 Case of 12

Rosé Duo des Plages, Pays d'Oc 2023

France 12% vol
4.28571 star rating 7 Reviews
The ‘duo' in question is cinsault and grenache, both stalwarts of the Langued...
Price:£7.75 Bottle
Price:£93.00 Case of 12

Les Pierres Bordes Marsanne-Viognier, Pays d'Oc 2023

France 12.5% vol
4.2 star rating 10 Reviews
This marriage of two Rhône grape varieties from the Minervois-Saint-Chinian b...
Price:£7.50 Bottle
Price:£90.00 Case of 12

The Society's Rioja Crianza 2019

Spain 14% vol
4 star rating 50 Reviews
A smooth, rich and oaky Rioja, made in the traditional style from 100% tempra...
Price:£8.95 Bottle
Price:£107.00 Case of 12

Cuvée Laborie, Pays d'Oc 2023

France 13.5% vol
Grenache Syrah
2.64865 star rating 37 Reviews
Uncomplicated charm doesn’t get more charming than this. A popular southern F...
Price:£7.50 Bottle
Price:£90.00 Case of 12

The Society's Rosé, Pays d'Oc 2023

France 12.5% vol
3.55556 star rating 9 Reviews
A dry, well-rounded pink from the Languedoc, made principally from syrah with...
Price:£8.25 Bottle
Price:£99.00 Case of 12

The Society's Greek White 2023

Greece 12.5% vol
4.2 star rating 20 Reviews
2023 was a fabulous year for roditis, providing opulent stone-fruit while mos...
Price:£8.95 Bottle
Price:£107.00 Case of 12

The Society's Sicilian White 2023

Italy 13% vol
4.25 star rating 4 Reviews
This unique blend especially created for The Wine Society is 80% grillo, whic...
Price:£9.25 Bottle
Price:£111.00 Case of 12

The Society's Vinho Verde 2023

Portugal 12% vol
3.33333 star rating 3 Reviews
Fresh, round and fruity, with the merest hint of spritz, this is a popular, e...
Price:£7.75 Bottle
Price:£46.50 Case of 6

The Society's French Chardonnay 2022

France 13% vol
4.05263 star rating 19 Reviews
Multi-regional chardonnay from France and similar in concept to last year's S...
Price:£8.75 Bottle
Price:£105.00 Case of 12

The Society's Claret 2022

France 13.5% vol
3.27273 star rating 11 Reviews
This friendly and fresh-tasting claret is one of The Wine Society’s most cons...
Price:£7.95 Bottle
Price:£95.00 Case of 12

The Society's Pinot Grigio 2023

Italy 12.5% vol
Pinot Gris
4 star rating 4 Reviews
This elegant pinot grigio, made exclusively for us, really hits the spot. Wit...
Price:£9.50 Bottle
Price:£114.00 Case of 12

The Society's Exhibition Côtes de Provence Rosé 2023

France 12.5% vol
0 star rating 0 Reviews
2023 produced some lovely pinks from Provence, The blend is roughly half-and-...
Price:£12.50 Bottle
Price:£150.00 Case of 12

The Society's Corsican Rosé 2023

France 13.5% vol
3.57143 star rating 7 Reviews
This is a super vintage for Corsica. The wines have fragrance, elegance and d...
Price:£10.95 Bottle
Price:£131.00 Case of 12

Duo Des Mers Sauvignon-Viognier, Vin de France 2023

France 12% vol
Sauvignon Blanc
4 star rating 7 Reviews
A gem of a wine and a worthy 2024 Wine Champion. As one taster put it, ‘this ...
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