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Showing 21 results

The Society's Claret 2022

France 13.5% vol
3.5 star rating 2 Reviews
This friendly and fresh-tasting claret is one of The Wine Society’s most cons...
Price:£7.50 Bottle
Price:£90.00 Case of 12

Cuvee Laborie, Pays d'Oc 2023

France 13.5% vol
Grenache Syrah
2.13043 star rating 23 Reviews
Laborie has been given a bit of a makeover with a fresher label and a a sligh...
Price:£6.95 Bottle
Price:£83.00 Case of 12

Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, Vigna Corvino 2022

Italy 13% vol
3.71429 star rating 7 Reviews
Rocco Pasetti makes the most attractive example we know of this Italian class...
Price:£8.75 Bottle
Price:£105.00 Case of 12

The Society's California Old-Vine Zinfandel 2022

USA 14.5% vol
4 star rating 4 Reviews
Classic zinfandel from California, with cherry and sarsaparilla on the nose, ...
Price:£9.25 Bottle
Price:£111.00 Case of 12

Viña Zorzal Garnacha, Navarra 2022

Spain 13.5% vol
4.11111 star rating 9 Reviews
A generously fruited, whistle-clean garnacha made by a young winemaking team ...
Price:£8.50 Bottle
Price:£51.00 Case of 6

Sabina Tempranillo, Navarra 2022

Spain 14% vol
3.58333 star rating 12 Reviews
A modest, inexpensive Spanish red from the country's most famous grape. This ...
Price:£6.50 Bottle
Price:£39.00 Case of 6

Gamay, Jacques Dépagneux, Vin de France 2020

France 12% vol
3.64103 star rating 39 Reviews
Fruit-driven southern French gamay, round, juicy and with the exuberance of y...
Price:£7.25 Bottle
Price:£87.00 Case of 12

The Society’s South African Pinotage-Syrah, Coastal Region 2023

South Africa 13% vol
3.57143 star rating 7 Reviews
South Africa’s very own grape pinotage takes the lead in this fresh, fruity C...
Price:£9.95 Bottle
Price:£119.00 Case of 12

Three Bunches Australian Shiraz 2021

Australia 14.5% vol
3.5 star rating 6 Reviews
Full-bodied, fruity Australian shiraz with attractive aromas on the nose and ...
Price:£7.95 Bottle
Price:£95.00 Case of 12

Isola della Fiamma, Nero d'Avola Sicilia, Cantine Rallo 2023

Italy 13% vol
Nero d'Avola
0 star rating 0 Reviews
This full-bodied, blackberry-scented red seems soaked in the Sicilian sun, bu...
Price:£7.95 Bottle
Price:£95.00 Case of 12

Côtes-du-Rhône, Château Courac 2019

France 14.5% vol
Grenache Syrah
4.3913 star rating 23 Reviews
From one of the great Rhône vintages, this is completely outstanding. Deep fl...
Price:£9.75 Bottle
Price:£117.00 Case of 12

The Wolftrap, Western Cape 2022

South Africa 14% vol
Syrah Mourvedre
4.16667 star rating 6 Reviews
Popular, super-reliable, rich and spicy blend of Swartland syrah, with mourvè...
Price:£8.50 Bottle
Price:£102.00 Case of 12

Tarantino Primitivo Segnavento, Pervini 2021

Italy 13.5% vol
3.57143 star rating 7 Reviews
The primitivo grape can make a great Italian anyday red, here creating a wine...
Price:£9.50 Bottle
Price:£114.00 Case of 12

Côtes-du-Rhône, Domaine Jaume 2021

France 13.5% vol
Grenache Syrah Mourvedre
2.8 star rating 5 Reviews
Three generations of the Jaume family farm some 200 acres of vineyard in the ...
Price:£9.50 Bottle
Price:£114.00 Case of 12

Touraine Gamay, Famille Bougrier 2022

France 13% vol
3.85714 star rating 7 Reviews
Fruity and moreish Loire gamay, with good colour and juicy, floral, red fruit...
Price:£9.25 Bottle
Price:£55.50 Case of 6

Szekszárdi Cuvée, Sebestyen 2020

Hungary 13.5% vol
3.5 star rating 2 Reviews
Csilla and her brother, Csaba, are leading the charge in Hungary's Szekszárd ...
Price:£9.95 Bottle
Price:£59.50 Case of 6

Pepe Mendoza Mares de Luz Monastrell-Giró, Alicante 2021

Spain 14% vol
3 star rating 8 Reviews
A fruity and peppery southern Spanish red from vineyards in Alicante, where P...
Price:£9.95 Bottle
Price:£59.50 Case of 6

Rui Madeira 'Altos da Beira', Terras da Beira 2022

Portugal 13% vol
4.33333 star rating 3 Reviews
Generous and smooth black fruit lifted by the freshness of high-altitude vine...
Price:£8.75 Bottle
Price:£52.50 Case of 6

Stift Klosterneuburg St Laurent 2020

Austria 13% vol
St Laurent
1.75 star rating 8 Reviews
From Austria’s oldest winery, founded in 1114, this is produced from the nati...
Original price: £9.50 Current price:£7.95 Bottle
Original price: £114.00 Current price:£95.00 Case of 12

Concha y Toro Corte Lorena San Fernando Syrah-Mourvèdre 2022

Chile 14% vol
Syrah Mourvedre
4.33333 star rating 6 Reviews
This wine comes from a coolish spot for these varieties and they offer deep, ...
Due back in stock soon

Lascar Classic Merlot 2023

Chile 12.5% vol
3.75 star rating 4 Reviews
Ripe, plummy, no-frills Chilean merlot offered at an attractive price for the...
Due back in stock soon
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