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State-of-the-art tasting area

Enomatic wine-dispensing machine

Showroom visitors can enjoy our tasting area, featuring two Enomatic wine-dispensing machines. The machines serve wines at perfect temperature and a harmless inert gas ensures the wines are dispensed in perfect condition.

Each machine holds eight bottles. One features wines from The Society's current selections and bin ends, and is free to use. The other gives members a chance to try some more expensive wines. For this machine, members are able to buy a card and charge it with credit which you can pay for in store, and the wines will be charged for on a per-sample basis.


Enomatic wine-dispensing machines

Enomatic wine-dispensing machine

Spiral Cellar

As members who visit us regularly know, The Showroom now boasts its very own cellar, visible through a stylish glass door in the floor, next to our Vintage Room. This state-of-the-art cylindrical storage unit was installed for us by Spiral Cellars, the leading UK supplier of constructions of this type. Three metres deep and with space for about 1,800 bottles, its insulation and ventilation systems keep wine at optimum levels of temperature and humidity. Access is via the horizontal glass door, operated via a switch on the wall.

If you'd like more information about Spiral Cellars, or would like to see one for yourself, do pay us a visit and we'll be happy to show you around. If you like what you see, it could be well worth your while!

Buy a Spiral Cellar and start stocking it right away with a wine credit of £250!

1,800 bottles may sound like a tall order, but as a Society member, you can get the ball rolling right away with a reward of £250 when you purchase your unit. This generous thank-you from Spiral Cellars will take the form of a credit on your Society Share and, of course, we have no shortage of wonderful bottles you'll be able to spend it on.

Please contact Member Services for more information.

Spiral Cellar Image Gallery

Spiral Cellar

Wedding tastings

The Showroom team has helped hundreds of members organise the wine for their weddings or other large functions. We can advise on wine selection, budgets, quantities and food-and-wine matching. Book an appointment by e-mailing your telephone number to so that one of the team can call you back. Please contact us as early as possible before the big day to ensure that we can plan ahead and provide you with the best possible service.


The Showroom team is well qualified to talk to you about any queries you may have on wine whether you are looking for special bottles for anniversaries or a wine to partner a particular dish.

Come in and talk to them on-the-spot or send an e-mail.

Glass hire

Members may borrow trays of glasses from the Showroom for parties and large gatherings at no charge. The tulip-shaped ISO tasting glasses are suitable for all styles of wine and are ideal for wine tastings; tumblers and Champagne flutes are also available.

Members need to collect the glasses themselves and return them washed to the Showroom.


As with all bin ends sold through The Showroom, they cannot be delivered and do not carry a pre-order discount.

[1] Fiefs Vendéens Mareuil, Château Marie du Fou 2017

A pristine blend of chenin blanc and chardonnay from the sunny Vendée coast, fermented in large oak casks to avoid imparting oaky flavours, and presented in a handsome traditional bottle.12.5%

Original price £9.50 per bottle
Bin-end special price £7.95
Ref LO13911X

Côtes du Roussillon Villages, Chapelle de Péna 2015

Syrah is the dominant grape in this southern French red ,with a high percentage of older vines and coming from the typical, black schists of the Agly Valley. This is full-bodied with dark plum-like fruit, herbs and spices. 14.5%

Original price £7.25 per bottle
Bin-end special price £6.50
Ref FC33021X


Hortas do Caseirinho Frisante

Hortas do Caseirinho Frisante

£7.25 per bottle in store, or here

I have a real affection for Easter. Firstly, darkness has retreated, revealing the bonus of extra daylight which makes the evenings no longer just a time to eat and then sleep. Secondly I always think of it as a stress-free Christmas: no pressure of present-buying (apart from possibly some chocolate eggs!), yet you acquire a mini holiday and get to see friends and family.

To commemorate this celebratory feel, this month’s wine is an easy bubbly likened to Prosecco from Portugal. (ref SG2571)

Conveniently lower in alcohol, adding to its lightness of touch, I feel this semi-sparkling wine offers a refreshing, vivacious citrus-fruited palate but without aggressive acidity, making it the perfect wine for this laid-back month. And all for £7.25!

This April, why not make it an effervescent Easter. This Portuguese present proves sparkling wine is not just for Christmas.

Conrad Braganza
Fine Wine and Bin-End Co-ordinator

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