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Enomatic wine-dispensing machine

Our tasting area features two Enomatic wine-dispensing machines, which serve samples of wines at perfect temperature for our visitors to try. The two machines each hold eight bottles – one features anyday selections from our current offers and bin-ends, and the other gives you a chance to sample some of our most expensive fine wines without needing to buy a whole bottle! To taste wines in the fine-wine machine, you can buy a tasting card and pay to charge it with credit – the machine lists the price for each sample of fine wine. If you would like to know the current selection of wines before you visit, please email

Spiral Cellar

If you've visited us before, you'll know our Showroom has its very own spiral cellar, visible through a stylish glass door in the floor next to our Vintage Room. This state-of-the-art cylindrical wine storage unit was installed for us by Spiral Cellars, the leading UK supplier of this type of storage. Three metres deep, and with space for about 1,800 bottles, its insulation and ventilation systems keep wine at optimum levels of temperature and humidity. Access is via the horizontal glass door, operated via a switch on the wall.

If you'd like more information about Spiral Cellars, or would like to see one for yourself, pay us a visit and we'll be happy to show you around. If you like what you see, it could be well worth your while!

Buy a Spiral Cellar and start stocking it right away with a wine credit of £250!

1,800 bottles may sound like a tall order, but as a Society member, you can get the ball rolling right away with a reward of £250 when you purchase your unit. This generous thank-you from Spiral Cellars will take the form of a credit on your Society Share and, of course, we have no shortage of wonderful bottles you'll be able to spend it on!

Please contact Member Services for more information.

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Spiral Cellar

Wedding tastings

The Showroom team has helped hundreds of members organise the wine for their weddings or other large events. We'd be happy to advise on wine selection, budgets, quantities and food-and-wine matching. Book an appointment by emailing your telephone number to and one of the team will give you a call back. Please contact us as early as possible before the big day so we can plan ahead and provide you with the best possible service.


The Showroom team is well qualified help you with any wine queries, whether you're looking for special bottles for anniversaries or a wine to match a particular dish.

Come in and talk to them in person or send an email.

Glass hire

Members can borrow trays of glasses from the Showroom for parties and large gatherings at no charge. The tulip-shaped ISO tasting glasses are suitable for all styles of wine and are ideal for wine tastings, and; tumblers and Champagne flutes are also available.

Members need to collect the glasses themselves and return them washed to the Showroom.


As with all bin ends sold through The Showroom, they cannot be delivered and do not carry a pre-order discount.

[2] Santa Rita Reserva Semillon 2017

A delicious unoaked greengage-scented Chilean semillon, made principally from the Colchagua Valley. 2017 was a ripe but low-yielding vintage, accounting for the wine's natural concentration of flavour.13%

Original price £7.95 per bottle
Bin-end special price £6.95

Aglianico del Vulture, Le Ralle 2016

A lovely vintage for this sterling southern Italian red. Excellent, naturally sweet fruit with good middle palate too. A smart buy.13%

Original price £8.25 per bottle
Bin-end special price £7.25
Ref IT26371X


Finca Lallana Verdejo 2018

Finca Lallana Verdejo 2018

ref SP14481, £8.75 per bottle in store, or here

Having extolled the virtues of sauvignon blanc earlier I felt any wine of the month should not be too far removed from my summer grape.

Hailing from Rueda in northern Spain, Finca Lallana offers up comparable attributes in a similar attractively aromatic profile. For me, it's slightly fuller but just as fresh, uncomplicated by oak this is an affable addition to the chiller, delivering notes of peach and lime, refreshing the palate, and it's organic to boot.

I have a great affinity for this wine, not just because of what it can bring to the party but I was lucky enough to visit the winery some years ago and witness first-hand buyer Pierre Mansour blending an earlier vintage and also the care afforded to production of this wine.

Not to be viewed as just a substitute, this verdejo shines with shellfish and perks up a summer salad, but is also a great aperitif or refreshing thirst quencher to try this June.

It would be Rueda not to…..(sorry!)

Conrad Braganza
Fine Wine and Bin-End Co-ordinator

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