The Society’s Full Rich Madeira, 3 years old

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The Society’s Full Rich Madeira, 3 years old
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The Society's Full Rich Madeira is made from tinta negra mole grapes from vineyards grown at about 200m on the north of the island of Madeira near São Vicente. It undergoes fermentation on the skins with natural yeast at between 24º to 26ºC in autovinification tanks. After approximately 48 hours, fortification with grape brandy takes place, arresting fermentation at the desired degree of sweetness. The wine is then transferred to estufa tanks where it undergoes a cyclic heating and cooling process between 35º to 40ºC over a period of three months. After estufagem the wine is aged for three years and then undergoes filtration and fining before the blend is assembled and bottled. This makes a fine accompaniment to dessert dishes, especially fruit, cakes, chocolate puddings and soft cheeses. It will not improve further with keeping but will remain in good drinking condition for several months after opening. It does not require decanting.

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