Blandy's Terrantez, 20 years old 50cl

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Blandy's Terrantez, 20 years old 50cl
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Delicious, complex Madeira with all the structure of a sumptuous sweet wine but with less of the sugar. Many believe the terrantez grape shows Madeira wine at its absolute best, combining the steely dryness of sercial and the sublime richness and opulence of bual. Tragically, it all but disappeared from Madeira following the phylloxera devastation of the late 19th century, after which there was little appetite to replant such a low-yielding and particularly awkward grape to grow.

Thankfully, Blandy's is still flying the flag. And what a delicious example this 20-year-old wine is. It has a tinge of green to the deep amber colour with wonderfully intense aromas of nuts, spice and dried fruit and a lingering concentrated dry aftertaste.

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