Frog's Leap & the Napa Valley

Welcome to the La-La Land of the California wine scene!

Napa Valley is often described as Disneyland for adults.

It is easy to see why, driving past space-age wineries and chocolate-box châteaux next door to each other, all offering wine tastings in a multitude of mind-boggling ways designed to tempt the tourists across the threshold: wine paired with cheese, wine and chocolate, wine served in black glasses, in a waterfall-filled cave, by a swimming pool or aboard a cable car… I kid you not!

Napa Valley – the Disneyland for adults of the wine world! Napa Valley – the Disneyland for adults of the wine world!
John Williams John Williams has been a trailblazer for sustainable farming methods in the Napa and is the perfect antidote to the over-the-top nature of much of Napa

But what can get overlooked in all this razzmatazz is that Napa is full of incredibly focused, talented and humble winemakers who are cracking on with the most important job – crafting the wines, while neon lights flash around!

John Williams is just such a winemaker. Visitors to Frog's Leap can have a wonderful tasting in his 'barn' pottering around the organically and dry-farmed estate, sitting by the fire, or on the terrace. However John is hard at work amongst the vines or vats making sure that the raw material stands up to the hype – and here it really does!

This will be our third collaboration with Frog's Leap in producing a wine for our Exhibition range. This year it is a Napa Zinfandel, full of ripe cherry flavours, vanilla oak aromas, soft tannins and with a vibrantly fruity finish. Unlike some other California zins this wine has John's trademark fresh style and lifted aromatics making it very approachable now, but also suggesting that it could cellar well for a few years.

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