All You Need Is Love… And Good Wine

Marjorie Cropp

Who better to turn to than our resident Frenchwoman, Showroom assistant Marjorie Cropp, for food and wine suggestions for ‘the most romantic day of the year’?

Now that ‘Dry January’, ‘Veganuary’ and #newyearsresolution #iamgoingtonailthegym #nevergettinghungoveragain are, let’s be honest, well and truly over, we can concentrate again on the simple pleasures of life: eating great food and drinking beautiful wines. Valentine’s Day is actually a lovely occasion to restart your passion… for food and wine!

So let’s pretend that, even after many years of marriage, we are going to be romantic and celebrate in true all-you-need-is-love style.

Valentines wine & flowers

First things first: sparkling wine – and because it’s Valentine’s, let’s go for pink, shall we? The Society’s Saumur Rosé Brut NV offers great pleasure at incredibly good value and will accompany canapés and starters such as oysters, prawns or salmon beautifully.

What about the main course? For me it has to be a powerful and full-bodied red which would be just great with grilled steak (and Béarnaise sauce, oh and triple-cooked chips) – a match made in heaven! A cabernet sauvignon-based wine such as Château Malescasse Haut-Médoc 2009 is ideal: classic claret style, with plenty of dark-fruit character and, because it has aged a bit, some sous bois (forest floor) and mocha notes. Delicious!

Maybe you will decide to go for a fish option? A delicate turbot or John Dory, perhaps, served with celeriac purée, brown shrimps, mussels and a shellfish velouté, for example (just something simple!). If so, you probably want to opt for a white Burgundy of some kind. Our Saint-Véran, Château de Beauregard 2015 from the Mâconnais region in the southern part of Burgundy is beautifully ripe, with delicate floral notes, peach-fruit character and a lovely round mouthfeel.

To conclude the feast, a chocolate pudding is often on the cards on Valentine’s Day (well it is in my house, anyway!). Chocolate fondant with a salted caramel centre would be pure indulgence and to accompany this rich and heavenly pud, I would suggest the Blind Spot Rutherglen Muscat. Gloriously sweet (the wine should always be sweeter than the dessert – that’s the golden rule!), packed full of dried fruits, nuts and toffee, it is a superb match.

Chocolate Pudding & Blind Spot Rutherglen Muscat

So there you have it. Your perfect food and wine ideas for your even more perfect Valentine’s Day!

Marjorie Cropp
Showroom Assistant

February 2018

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