Wine Without Fuss

Friendly, flexible,
commitment-free wine

Buyer-picked wines delivered to your doorstep


You won't be tied in to a long subscription plan. You can chop and change your orders or even cancel altogether, whenever you'd like.

Five plans to meet every taste

Find styles and regions you've never considered before and make sure your wine rack is never bare (could there be a sadder sight?!)

Satisfaction guaranteed

All wines are backed by The Society's Promise. If you haven't enjoyed a wine we will happily offer a credit, a replacement or a refund.


Select your wines

Wine Without Fuss comes with five plan options, designed to fulfil every possible wine wish.

How often

Decide when you'd like your delivery, from once a month to once a year.

Set up your payment

Complete your payment details and you're ready to go!

"Coming home to a Wine Without Fuss case after a gruelling day at work has been a life saver on many occasions - thank you!"

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