The London-based Dining Club enjoys exceptional wines at dinners and tastings. It is open only to members of The Wine Society but is run independently.

The Club maintains a very close association with The Wine Society; the Chairman of which is President of the Club. In addition a member of the Wine Society Management Committee is a member of the Club committee.

Knowledge and enjoyment of wine

The Club's Objects are "to promote the knowledge and enjoyment of wine…." which it does by arranging dinners and tastings. In a typical year there will be four dinners and three tastings. Venues vary, but are almost always in Central London and include Livery Halls and Clubs. Members are welcome to bring guests.

At each dinner there will be a knowledgeable speaker, sometimes a grower, who will comment on the wines and answer questions. Dinner menus are carefully chosen to complement the wines being shown. Six or seven wines, including an aperitif, are usually served at these events. For tastings a larger range will be offered.

Tickets are priced to cover the cost of the event, with an allowance for replacing any wines used from the Club's Wine Reserve.

Club's Wine Reserve

The Club has its own Wine Reserve stored in the Society's temperature controlled cellars at Stevenage. There are over 3,000 bottles waiting to be sampled by the Club's members, over half of which are Clarets, with vintages dating from the 1970s and 80s.

Wine tours

The Club has visited producers in the Loire, Bordeaux, Champagne, Burgundy, Portugal, the Rhone, Alsace, Germany, Northern and Central Italy and Spain. Tours are organised biennially and enable members to meet the growers who supply The Wine Society, to sample their wines and to enjoy the traditional food and hospitality of the region.

Joining the Club

You are welcome to attend a tasting and/or a dinner as a guest before committing to membership. There is a joining fee and an annual subscription. Membership of The Wine Society is a prerequisite. The Club can make arrangements for you to be proposed for membership if required. For further details visit, or contact the Club Administrator on

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