The Bin Series – small-batch exclusive wines you won’t find anywhere else

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The Bin Series is a special selection of small-batch wines only available at The Wine Society.  Video transcript

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Since 1874, we’ve been unearthing some of the most thrilling wines from all around the world.  

Over 140 years later, it’s this insatiable curiosity that’s led us here. 

Welcome to the Bin Series. 

We’ve sourced these special small-batch exclusives from the growers that inspire and excite us, and from the regions and grape varieties we think need to be on your radar, too.  

Discover the stories behind the wines, and get your hands on these very special bottles, at 

Previous Bin Series wines

Our exclusive Bin Series casts a light on the most exciting regions and grape varieties around the world. Here you will find the full list of Bin Series wines released to date.

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