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Discover our very special range of unrepeatable aged malt whiskies. Video transcript

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30 years in the making, we’re proud to release the first in a series of our Reserve Cask Selection malt whiskies.

This will be the first in a number of bottlings that we’re excited to release to members that really speak to our heritage.

I think they showcase something really special and interesting; we didn’t select them from thousands of casks, these are really representative of fully mature malt whiskies.

Through the 70s, 80s and 90s, we were bottling lots of sherry. The wonderful sherry we sourced from great bodegas in Jerez was bottled and sold to members immediately, but the barrels were not thrown away. Instead, we sent them to Scotland to be refilled with great malt whiskies.

We stopped bottling sherry in 1992 at The Wine Society, and that’s when we also stopped sending barrels, butts and hogsheads to Scotland to be filled.

I was amazed that these stocks of rare whiskies hadn’t been bottled separately before. I had all the barrels dipped, measured and sampled so that I could taste them and exclude anything that wasn’t really exciting.

We had them hand-bottled and hand-labelled. They’re also un chill-filtered and natural colour.

This first release in the series is a 1989 Highland single malt whisky. On the nose of this mature malt whisky there’s a classic sherry note: the honey, hazelnut and citrus that you expect from great-quality Highland sherry whiskies is clearly there. If you add a touch of water all these flavours are amplified, and some more floral, hay notes really come through.

It’s a very rich, concentrated and complex whisky.

I hope you take the opportunity to enjoy these rare malt whisky releases.

They speak to our heritage and history, and are unrepeatable.

A unique and precious inheritance

Until our bottling line closed in 1992, sherry would be shipped in barrel for bottling in the UK. The empty casks would then be sent to Scotland to be filled with new-make spirit for using in our own-label malts and blends. We worked with a great many fantastic distillers over the years, from Mortlach to Glenrothes, Bowmore to Glengoyne.

Such was the quality of these rare malts that we decided to bottle the very best in a special range of small-batch whiskies. The process was painstaking: every barrel, butt and hogshead was tasted with only the finest selected for inclusion. The results provide a fascinating look back in time, showcasing a unique range of malts that may otherwise have been lost in a blend.

Reserve Cask whisky releases

Barrel number: 7239

  • Barrel type: Hogshead
  • Original Ltr: 163.9
  • Final Ltr: 81.4
  • Final Alc % at vatting: 58.4


Barrel number: 7240

  • Barrel type: Hogshead
  • Original Ltr: 161.3
  • Final Ltr: 90.5
  • Final Alc % at vatting: 57.8


Barrel number: 7241

  • Barrel type: Hogshead
  • Original Ltr: 159.4
  • Final Ltr: 90.1
  • Final Alc % at vatting: 60.4


Barrel number: 7242

  • Barrel type: Hogshead
  • Original Ltr: 156.2
  • Final Ltr: 81
  • Final Alc % at vatting: 59.6


Barrel number: 7236

  • Barrel type: Butt
  • Original Ltr: 309.3
  • Final Ltr: 171.3
  • Final Alc % at vatting: 52.8


Barrel number: 7237

  • Barrel type: Butt
  • Original Ltr: 320.2
  • Final Ltr:  212.7
  • Final Alc % at vatting: 57.3

Fully mature single malt bottled non-chill-filtered and without colour adjustment. Its complex aromas span candied orange peel, hazelnuts and figs, while its rich full-bodied palate has a glorious sweetness, like honey on toasted brioche, with notes of fruitcake and nuts developing on the long finish. A drop of water will open this up to reveal more floral and citrus notes, showing both its elegance and deep-rooted concentration. 46%

Barrel number: 668

  • Type: Hogshead
  • Original Ltr: 116
  • Final Ltr: 45.2
  • Final Alc % at vatting: 49.2


Barrel number: 669

  • Type: Hogshead
  • Original Ltr: 168
  • Final Ltr: 55.4
  • Final Alc % at vatting: 49.6


Barrel number: 670

  • Type: Hogshead
  • Original Ltr: 166
  • Final Ltr: 45.3
  • Final Alc % at vatting: 48.7


Barrel number: 671

  • Type: Hogshead
  • Original Ltr: 166
  • Final Ltr: 45.6
  • Final Alc % at vatting: 50.1


Barrel number: 673

  • Type: Hogshead
  • Original Ltr: 166
  • Final Ltr: 58.1
  • Final Alc % at vatting: 52.6


Barrel number: 674

  • Type: Hogshead
  • Original Ltr: 169
  • Final Ltr: 68.4
  • Final Alc % at vatting: 53.8


Barrel number: 675

  • Type: Hogshead
  • Original Ltr: 173
  • Final Ltr: 71.3
  • Final Alc % at vatting: 54.5


Barrel number: 907

  • Type: Butt
  • Original Ltr: 310
  • Final Ltr: 165
  • Final Alc % at vatting: 58.8


Barrel number: 908

  • Type: Butt
  • Original Ltr: 328
  • Final Ltr: 75
  • Final Alc % at vatting: 50.0

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