The inside track on our Exhibition Range

From the A-listers of the wine world, a range of fine wines to explore and buy with confidence. We hear from our Director of Wine Pierre Mansour on how our buyers work with some of the world’s top producers on these wines.

Introducing The Society’s Exhibition Wines

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Pierre Mansour, Director of Wine, introduces our benchmark Exhibition range, carefully sourced by our buyer’s from the best winemakers in the world. Video transcript

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Our Exhibition wines are a very special range. These are the wines that our buyers spend the most time getting absolutely right.

After all, every single bottle carries The Wine Society's name.

This was a range that we started in 1999, to celebrate The Society's 125th anniversary.

What makes the range special, is that the wines tend to come from much smaller geographical locations.

So for example, the Society's Claret, our most popular wine, grapes come from all over Bordeaux.

Our Exhibition wine is a Pauillac, Saint-Julien, these are districts that are really quite unique and quite distinctive, and actually it's here, as you drill into these smaller vineyard areas that you start to experience wines that have an added complexity, an added length of flavour, and in many cases in our Exhibition range, wines that actually do improve and develop in bottle.

We work with A-listers across the world; winemaking talent new and established that we believe really are at the top of their game.

There are around thirty to forty wines under the Exhibition range; you can find details of these all on our website, and in fact, what I think is brilliant about the Exhibition range is it's a fantastic way to dip your toe into the world of fine wine.

Go online, there’s lots of detail behind each of the wines, and too in fact, you can see videos that the buyers have recorded describing each of the wines that they have bought.

Joanna Locke: ‘delicious glass, just to have at the end of the evening too’.

Toby Morrhall: ‘it’s not sweet and jammy,  it’s taut, it’s fresh’.

Sarah Knowles MW: ‘it’s a very silky and elegant pinot, with fine tannins that are very well balanced’.

Freddy Bulmer: So, if you’re a fan of Central Otago pinot noir,then I definitely recommend giving this a go for something a little bit different’.

Tim Sykes: ‘so this, for me, encapsulates what Fleurie is all about.


It's been really exciting building the Exhibition range over the last twenty years.

We always add new wines, there are new wines available now, so on behalf of the buyers and myself, please do try them, explore them, and we do hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed finding them.

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