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Chair Alan Black on our rich heritage and vibrant future

Chair Alan Black
Chair Alan Black

Next year The Society reaches its 150th anniversary and we are planning a series of celebratory events that will allow each member to participate, with some wonderful wines. Being almost 150 brings with it a rich history and reflects the extraordinary partnership between The Society and its members. It does not, however, mean we are set in our ways and very definitely does not mean we rest on our laurels.

We have developed, over the past year, a new strategy with which to begin the next 150 years and which is focused on value, innovation in wine, service and sustainability; bringing even more and improved benefits for members and continuing the pioneering spirit that founded The Society.

Members will continue to get best value from around the world (last year some 6,000 wines from 26 countries) and enjoy the benefit of the very best levels of modern service:

  • Our delivery options are the best on offer of any wine merchant. We can deliver any size of order next day, including Saturday, free of charge
  • Our Reserves storage charge is the cheapest in the marketplace, with exemplary flexibility when withdrawing your wine
  • Notwithstanding the exceptional increases in costs and duty, we have decided to hold prices (and possibly even begin to make reductions), relying on members to help us achieve that by spending more of their wine wallet with us
  • We have a new website, a new warehouse that enables us to store up to 18 million bottles in perfect conditions at our Stevenage site, and essential new IT foundations
  • We are at the forefront of wine sustainability.

Within The Society there is a tangible feeling of excitement, with everyone relishing meeting the external challenges and looking forward to our 150th.

Notwithstanding the external environment, The Society is vibrant and, with the participation of its members, will be in exceptional shape to begin the next 150 years.

The Society’s 149th Annual General Meeting will be held on Monday 10th July at the QEII Conference Centre, London W1R 6EL and online. Click here for further details.

Alan Black


Alan Black

I spent my career in an international law firm, living in London, Paris and Hong Kong. The Society is the most wonderful institution and there is no better place from which to buy wines. Serving on the Committee is a privilege and becoming Chair has been an honour.

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