En Primeur
What is en primeur and how does it work?

Why buy wine en primeur?

  • The joy of wine
    Buy now and look forward to something special in the future
  • First-release prices
    Secure fine wines at opening prices by reserving early
  • A wealth of choice
    From the classic regions of France to far beyond
  • Buy with confidence
    We’ve been offering wine this way since the mid 1970s!
What is en primeur and how does it work?

How it works, in a nutshell

  • Select and order your wines (if you need any advice, our team of wine advisers is here to help).
  • We'll confirm your order and take payment.
  • The wines will arrive in the UK once they are bottled, when you will be asked if you would like to store the wines with us or have them delivered to you.
  • Drink and enjoy the wines based on our annually updated drink dates.

En primeur offers and how they work

Buying wines that are still maturing in cellars in their country of origin.

The wines arrive in the UK after they have been bottled, a year or two after the vintage.

Secure your share of in-demand wines that may sell out later, and purchase them at first-release prices.

Each wine has a suggested drinking window; ultimately, however, deciding when to pull the cork is a matter of personal taste. Buying a case also gives you the opportunity to try a wine as it matures over a period of time

En primeur wines are priced 'in-bond' which includes:

  • Shipping to the UK
  • Delivery to any UK address

Payment of duty and VAT will be requested once you take delivery or transfer them to Duty-Paid Members' Reserves.

Many of the wines offered en primeur need a number of years' ageing.

Our purpose-built Members' Reserves facility provides an ideal environment for members who do not have a cellar of their own.

The Wine Society has been successfully selling wines in this way to its members since the 1975 vintage. All these wines are fully covered by The Society's guarantee.

At The Wine Society, our aim is to spread the stock of highly sought-after wines across the membership as much as possible.

Therefore, we do not operate a "First-come, First-Served system (like many other merchants) and instead use an automated allocation system. 

The timeliness of placing one's order has no bearing on the final allocation, and in instances when a wine is or a number of wines are oversubscribed, as a final resort we divide members into groups depending on their level of support for The Society (quantity of wine bought, spend, orders placed etc). 

Members who have given greater support to The Society will have a better chance (but no certainty) of being allocated wine, and those who have given less support will have a lesser chance (but still a chance).

A member is placed into one of four groups for each offer based on their sales activity.

This is a rolling two year process and members with the highest chance to receive any wines that are oversubscribed (irrespective of which wine) will have given greater support to The Society over this period.

If you happen to be in the last group, you will have the least (though still some) chance of being allocated the wine.

If you are in the top group you will have no guarantee of being allocated the wine.

Ticking the box to accept substitutes (where offered) does not affect your chances of being allocated your chosen wines, but helps to ensure that you definitely receive something. 

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