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Ghislaine Barthod

Ghislaine Barthod

Ghislaine Barthod

Beaune-trained Ghislaine Barthod inherited this beautifully run six-hectare domaine from her father, Gaston, who died in 1999. Ghislaine has proved herself to be a brilliant and conscientious successor making some of the most delectable wines in Chambolle-Musigny in friendly competition with her husband Louis Boillot. Ghislaine has an obvious gift for letting her wines speak eloquently and effortlessly of their origins with her estate becoming something of a standard-bearer for finesse in this commune. Since taking over she has worked especially to lower yields through rigorous pruning and green harvesting. In the cellar, important traditions have been maintained but Ghislaine has put her winemaking training to good use by allowing change and more modern practices where necessary. She welcomes visitors and has a dog called Pinot, a Weimaraner which is moronically pleased to see anybody who walks in.

The Barthod domaine covers 8 plots of small premier cru sites with clear terrior definitions. The vines are worked along with the Boillot vines by a team run by Ghislaine’s husband. The soils of Chambolle are more sparse than neighbouring Morey and Gevrey, with more limestone and gravel. As a result, the wines are noted for their finesse and delicacy, as amply demonstrated here. Cras and Charmes are the top two wines although the others are consistently fine and concentrated. At the more affordable end, Ghislaine’s Bourgogne Rouge, from Les Bons Bâtons, an excellent plot of 50-55 year old vines in the commune of Gilly, is one of the best.

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