The Liberator project is all about the seeking out of wonderful South African wines that might just fly too far under the radar to be seen, often undeservedly destined to end up in an anonymous blend, or sold in bulk, being surplus to the regular requirements of the winemaker.

Wherever they come from, they are wines that really should be seen and enjoyed by wine lovers everywhere.  Richard Kelley, respected authority on South African wine and Master of Wine, is the sleuth behind the range, using his extensive range of contacts to find and ‘liberate’ these wines during his frequent visits to the Cape. He is delighted to find such wines a home and get their stories told.

Each wine in the range is a limited-edition gem, sourced from excellent winemakers, usually given a quirky name to reflect its source and character, and offered up to wine drinkers to explore. Richard is often in just the right place at just the right time to uncover these gems, and The Wine Society has been fortunate enough to have been in the right place too, and from the ground floor up, able to offer a good number of his discoveries as exclusives, one-off parcels from all over the Cape and available only for our members to enjoy the fruits of Richard’s labours. 

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