We believe in a fair and inclusive Wine Society, where everyone feels a sense of belonging and has an equal chance to reach their potential. We also have a duty of care to all our people – which includes workers in our supply chain, members, Society employees and our local community. 

That’s why we have developed a clear set of goals to build an equitable and inclusive culture, improve health and wellbeing and promote responsible drinking.

Caring for all our people
Vineyard workers at Concha y Toro, Chile

Our people are our greatest asset. We believe that when our colleagues feel healthy and well, they are better able to share the joy of good wine with members and deliver exceptional service. 
With the recent pandemic bringing many social issues into sharp relief, we are currently evolving our approach to Health & Wellbeing and Equity, Diversity & Inclusion to ensure we continue to provide a fulfilling and supportive working culture. We will be launching our new plans and goals in 2023, after extensive consultation with colleagues and experts.  
We want to encourage and challenge our suppliers to do the same for their people, since they are part of our success. We will use our supplier forum, being launched in 2024, to share best-practice guidance and success stories from across the industry to help other growers and producers increase diversity, inclusion and well-being in their businesses.  
We will also continue to support our local community. From 2023 we will provide Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) training for up to 10 non-privileged individuals every year. And from 2024, we will launch The Wine Society Mentorship Scheme in which we will take two people, who otherwise might not have had the chance to get into wine, into the business for a minimum of two years. 
And while we’re keen to share the love of good wine, we’re also aware of the need to promote responsible drinking. We now highlight calorie/alcohol-unit information for our own-label wines and have introduced a fantastic low/no-alcohol product range for members.  
Finally, we want you to know that we aim to maintain a fair, inclusive and diverse Wine Society, one in which everybody feels they can be a part of it. If you love wine, The Society is for you, it’s as simple as that.

For more information, view our sustainability section

Caring for all our people

People goals timeline

By end of 2022: Develop our new approach to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (in progress, to be finalised by summer 2023) 

By end of 2023: Create and implement a new employee wellbeing framework and launch a new, leading low/no alcohol range (complete)

By end of 2024: Launch The Society’s Training and Mentorship Scheme for disadvantaged groups

From 2025: We will actively measure and report on colleague satisfaction, with the goal of being consistently recognised internally as a great place to work – improving year on year 

A free mindful drinking course with Club Soda

A free mindful drinking course with Club Soda

If you’re looking to change your drinking habits, all Wine Society members are eligible for a free, fully-funded course from Club Soda.

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