Our sustainability plan is ambitious and wide-ranging. We can’t achieve it on our own and we don’t have all the answers, so we need to get everyone involved.  

That’s why we will invest in building knowledge and collaboration among members, suppliers and the wider wine industry, so that together we can accelerate action on sustainability.

Inspiring action
Pierre Mansour and Simon Roberts at Ridgeview Wine Estate, Sussex

Achieving our sustainability goals will require working together with our members, suppliers and the wider wine sector to tackle the big issues we care about together. That’s why one of our five key focus areas is to find more ways to do this. 

For example, in 2023 we will launch a Knowledge Hub on our website. There is a great deal of misinformation around sustainability, particularly in wine. We will use this Knowledge Hub to champion straightforward sustainability facts, best-practice and real-life success stories, as well as highlight inspiring producers who are leading the way on sustainability. These are the kinds of things we love to share to inspire action and support. 

We will also find more ways for members to tell us what they care about via our website, social media, online community and Member Services team. We want to hear from members about how we are doing and where we can do more. We also want to bring our suppliers into the conversation with members, so we hear all perspectives. For example, by 2025 we will launch a Sustainability Sounding Board made up of members and suppliers, acting together in a peer review capacity to test, evaluate and contribute to our plans. 

We recognise we can’t solve many of the challenges we face alone. We will be much more successful at tackling issues like climate change, glass bottle weights, biodiversity and labour conditions if we work together with other retailers, academia, government bodies and experts to pool funding, develop solutions and share evidence of what works. We are rethinking our approach to this and will share more on who we will work with, and how, in 2023. 

Sustainability is a complex area, often with no single, clear solution. However, as a mutual with close relationships with our members and suppliers, we have a real opportunity to tackle challenges together, ensuring we continue to provide quality wines to members in a way that is good for our growers, our people and our planet. 

For more information, view our sustainability section

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Inspiring Action goals timeline

Action goals timeline

By end 2023: Launch a new Knowledge Hub on our website for members and suppliers and implement our new approach to industry collaboration 

By 2024: Launch a dedicated Supplier Forum where growers and producers can share success stories, guidance tools and new approaches to sustainability 

In 2025: Launch a Sustainability Sounding Board, made up of members and suppliers, to inform our ongoing sustainability plans 


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