At The Society, we believe in conducting business in a way where everyone in the supply chain is treated with care, fairness and respect. This means we need to do all we can to eliminate human rights abuses, exploitation and discrimination, and ensure that labour standards adhere to universal principles. The Society’s Human Rights Policy addresses how we uphold and champion human rights within our own business and supply chains, in line with UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs). It makes clear our commitments, so that our own employees and contractors, suppliers, members and other stakeholders know how important the welfare and respect of everyone is to us, no matter how they contribute to the business. As a buyer of global products and services in more than 25 countries and employing more than 250 people in the UK, we have the opportunity to positively impact people and societies. This Policy outlines the approach we take to make this happen.

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Download our Human Rights Policy

Download our Human Rights Policy

Our commitment to protecting and respecting human rights across our business and supply chain.

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