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District 7 – modern, sustainable Monterey

Each month, we profile one of our producers who is making great strides in sustainability, whether environmentally, socially, or in other areas. This month, we explore District 7, a taste of contemporary California.

District 7 – modern, sustainable Montere

District 7 is based in Monterey, California, and owned by Scheid Family Wines. Monterey, south of San Francisco, benefits from the cooling Pacific fogs that regulate the vineyards during the mornings, and the diurnal temperature differences (the variation in temperature from day to night), keeping the fruit fresh.

The winery and estate vineyards are Certified Sustainable by the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance (CSWA), verification of their commitment to sustainable winegrowing practices.

Water preservation

Water scarcity is a significant challenge in Monterey, so they have invested in a drip-irrigation system which senses soil moisture and monitors plant stress. By calculating the exact amount of water needed and dispensing water on a vine-by-vine basis, this system has dramatically lowered their water requirements.

District 7 uses cover crops in all of their vineyards to provide nutrition to the soil and help prevent soil erosion and weeds. They farm using low impact methods to lessen soil impaction, control pests and promote microbiological activity. There are over 250 owl boxes planted among the vines.

There are over 250 owl boxes planted among the vines
There are over 250 owl boxes planted among the vines

A low-impact winery

The winery is run as sustainably as possible. They have fitted lights with automatic sensors and tanks with insulated jackets to reduce heating and cooling energy needs. 100% of winery water is recycled through irrigation ponds for reuse in the vineyards and through recycling, they use 50% less water than a typical winery of their size.

The winery is 100% powered by renewable wind energy from an on-site wind turbine that harnesses the power of Salinas Valley’s winds to generate clean energy. Not only does this sustainably fuel wine production but it also supplies power to 125 homes in the local community.

District 7 Monterey Pinot Noir 2021

Pinot Noir
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A great pinot from Monterey in California where the vines benefit from the co...
Price:£12.50 Bottle
Price:£150.00 Case of 12

District 7 Monterey Chardonnay 2021

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Monterey benefits from the cooling Pacific fogs of the Californian coast that...
Price:£12.95 Bottle
Price:£155.00 Case of 12
District 7

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Amy Matthews

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Amy Matthews

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