Taking action

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We need to work with with our growers, members and wider industry to achieve our sustainability goals.

Taking action
The Society’s Director of Wine Pierre Mansour meets Simon Roberts, head winemaker at Ridgeview Estate in West Sussex

It’s no secret that our sustainability plan is ambitious, but we’re committed to hitting our targets. What’s clear, however, is that we can’t tackle them in isolation. We’re going to need to work together with many others.

Let’s start with our suppliers. It’s essential for us to work with them to get things done at scale. For example, our Supplier Forum will give them the ability to share success stories on sustainability so that they can learn from each other and boost their sustainability efforts. We’ll also be investing to help our suppliers find sustainable ways to adapt to climate change. 

The views of our members are also vitally important. The Society only exists for our members, so it’s crucial we listen to members’ views. That’s why we’re setting up a sustainability panel for members to discuss our plans with us. 

Another key aspect is working with other retailers to accelerate their sustainability efforts. For example, agreeing on minimum bottle weights across the industry will benefit everyone. We also need to push shippers to invest in zero-emission transportation and cross-retailer support will only speed up the process.  

We are one of the founding members of the Sustainable Wine Roundtable, an independent organisation committed to developing sustainability standards in wine. The spirit is one of cooperation and a determination to succeed because many of the growers recognise there isn’t a plan B they can fall back on. 

And while we’re busy striving to achieve our own targets, we also need to create a movement for change and raise the profile of sustainability in general. To help do this, we’ve joined the Porto Protocol, a global wine community that shares knowledge and ideas to tackle the effects of climate change.
There are plenty of things we can all do to act in a more sustainable way – and we’ll achieve them much more quickly if we work together.  

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Sustainability team

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Sustainability team

Sustainability has always been important to us. For nearly 150 years, we have been working closely with the best suppliers and growers to offer great-value wines to our members – and we want to continue doing that for the next 150. This means we need to do much more. 

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