Reasons to join

Reasons to join

  • The joy of good wine – Vintage Cellar Plan guarantees you the joy of drinking fine wines at their delicious peak of maturity  
  • Ease and expertise – Our experienced team of wine buyers do the work for you, finding you exceptional wines from leading producers around the world 
  • Exploration and insight – Discover new regions, growers and styles, and use our detailed tasting notes to find out more about the wines and when to open them 
  • Something for everyone – There are six different plans to choose from covering a range of styles and budgets, starting from just £35 per month 
  • Optimum storage – Our temperature-controlled Members’ Reserves provides the optimum storage conditions for your wines. The first year’s storage is free of charge for each wine 
  • Years of enjoyment – Build a collection of world-class wines to enjoy at their best for years to come, simply and affordably 

Select a cellar plan

Choose from a variety of plans to build a cellar with the types of wines you like.

Pay a monthly subscription

Starting at just £35 a month; every six months you will receive two six-bottle cases of wine.

Look forward to your wine

With a Vintage Cellar Plan, you’re building something special for the future.

Vintage Cellar Plan

Select a plan and we’ll take care of the rest…

Whether classic wines from France’s most famous regions such as Bordeaux and Burgundy, £20-or-under ‘Small Wonders’ or World Classics, our six plans make it easy to select the types of wine you’d like to build your cellar with. 
Vintage Cellar Plans start from just £35 a month. 

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