Madeira wines

From one small island in the Atlantic, and running the gauntlet from fresh and dryish (Rainwater, Verdelho and Sercial) through richer, fuller Bual to luscious Malmsey, there’s a Madeira for savouries, strong cheeses, mince pies and even chocolate. A single-vintage wine is a guaranteed anniversary treat.

Showing 7 results

Showing 7 results

Barbeito Rainwater Reserve 50cl

Fresh and tangy, this lighter expression of Madeira is a blend of tinta negra...
Price:£13.95 Bottle
Price:£83.50 Case of 6

The Society’s Full Rich Madeira, 3 years old

The Society's Full Rich Madeira is made from tinta negra mole grapes from vin...
Price:£14.50 Bottle
Price:£174.00 Case of 12

Henriques and Henriques Malvasia, 10 Years Old 50cl

Madeira Malvasia
Intense and deep-coloured malmsey, showing complex notes of fig and walnuts o...
Price:£20.50 Bottle
Price:£123.00 Case of 6

Blandy's Verdelho, 10 years old 50cl

The fortified wines produced on Madeira all have a huge streak of acidity and...
Price:£20.50 Bottle
Price:£123.00 Case of 6

Henriques and Henriques Sercial, 10 Years Old 50cl

Drier and with livelier acidity than the bual and malmsey styles, this smooth...
Price:£21.00 Bottle
Price:£126.00 Case of 6

Henriques and Henriques Bual, 15 Years Old 50cl

Lusciously golden Madeira, this has a beguiling richness and hints of raisins...
Price:£26.00 Bottle
Price:£156.00 Case of 6

Henriques and Henriques Single Harvest Boal Madeira 2000

A magnificent mature Madeira, sporting a beautiful medium-tawny colour and a ...
Price:£50.00 Bottle
Price:£300.00 Case of 6
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