Saint-Emilion and Pomerol

Merlot is the dominant grape here with cabernet franc in earnest support and some supporters of the more difficult to ripen cabernet sauvignon. At its best Saint-Emilion should be rich, full-coloured, spicy and apparently sweet, and the best properties balance these qualities with finesse length. At its best Pomerol produces sublime wines with a rich, almost fleshy, velvety flavour. It's worth buying the best which are never cheap.

Showing 10 results

Showing 10 results

Half bottle of Château Carteau Côtes Daugay, Saint-Emilion 2015

France Merlot
A rich and generous Saint-Emilion from the very well-respected Bertrand famil...
Price:£9.50 Half Bottle
Price:£114.00 Case of 12

Château Juguet, Saint-Emilion Grand Cru 2017

France Merlot
Attractive and harmonious Bordeaux blend of merlot and cabernets franc and sa...
Price:£19.00 Bottle
Price:£228.00 Case of 12

The Society's Exhibition Pomerol 2015

France Merlot
Pomerol conjures up images of tiny properties, exquisite wines and stellar pr...
Price:£20.00 Bottle
Price:£240.00 Case of 12

Château Bel-Air, Pomerol 2016

France Merlot
Classic, plushly-textured Pomerol from a small, family owned property in the ...
Price:£24.00 Bottle
Price:£288.00 Case of 12

Château La Pointe, Pomerol 2014

France Merlot
Winemaker Eric Monneret was understandably delighted with his 2014, its preci...
Price:£35.00 Bottle
Price:£420.00 Case of 12

Château Berliquet, Saint-Emilion 2018

France Merlot
Now under the same ownership as Canon and Rauzan-Ségla, Berliquet is undergoi...
Price:£43.00 Bottle
Price:£258.00 Case of 6

Annonce de Bélair-Monange, Saint-Emilion 2015

France Merlot
The second vintage of top Saint-Emilion property Bélair-Monange's second wine...
Price:£58.00 Bottle
Price:£348.00 Case of 6 (out of stock)

Clos Fourtet, Saint-Emilion 2017

France Merlot
Our very first visit on this year's trip and a lovely way to start at this de...
Price:£94.00 Bottle
Price:£564.00 Case of 6 (out of stock)

Château Trotte Vieille, Saint-Emilion 2010

France Cabernet Franc
One of the finest of the premier grand cru St Emilions with a high percentage...
Price:£95.00 Bottle
Price:£570.00 Case of 6

Château Ausone, Saint-Emilion 2006

France Cabernet Merlot
Rich, racy pure intense Ausone, very long and tenacious in the mouth with exc...
Price:£539.00 Bottle
Price:£3,234.00 Case of 6 (out of stock)
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