Uruguayan wines

Uruguay has weather! It gets quite a bit of rain compared to its South American neighbours, so no surprise then that the tannat grape, originally brought by the Basques from south-west France, thrives in the moderate Atlantic-influenced climate. Expect freshness and character and increasing sophistication.

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Showing 4 results

Pisano Family Selection Grand Reserve Tannat 2017

Uruguay Tannat
Powerful and balanced tannat from the Pisano estate's best vineyards, matured...
Price:£15.50 Bottle
Price:£186.00 Case of 12

Familia Deicas, Gran Bodegón 2015

Uruguay Tannat
Fernando Deicas owns Juanicó, Uruguay’s biggest wine company, and reserves hi...
Price:£22.00 Bottle
Price:£132.00 Case of 6

Pisano-Arretxea Grand Reserve Progreso 2011

Uruguay Tannat
The Basques brought the tannat variety and the Italians brought winemaking ex...
Price:£29.00 Bottle
Price:£348.00 Case of 12

De Lucca Tannat 2019

Uruguay Tannat
The tannat grape, brought by Basques to Uruguay in 1870, is better known as t...
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