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Guide to aromatic white wines

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Popular grapes & styles

Where you'll find it: Worldwide, but particularly New Zealand (Marlborough) and France (Loire and Bordeaux)

Flavours: Citrus, gooseberry, herbaceous/grassy

Style: Refreshingly crisp and exuberantly aromatic

Food: Goat's cheese and asparagus

Drink it here: With punchy canapés at a trendy party

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Where you'll find it: Germany, Alsace, Australia

Flavours: Lime, mineral and floral

Style: Delicate, racy, complex and fine.

Food: Dim sum, oysters, rich pork dishes

Drink it here: An elegant dinner with your fellow wine-geek friends

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Where you'll find it: Alsace and Chile

Flavours: Rose, lychee and spice

Style: Fragrant, floral, higher-alcohol and lower acidity

Food: Fragrant Asian cuisine and soft cheeses

Drink it here: With a fancy cheeseboard or curled up with an Indian or Chinese takeaway

View our gewurztraminer wines

Where you'll find it: Rhône & South of France, new world (particularly Australia and USA)

Flavours: Apricot, peach and floral

Style: Sensuous, heady fruit, perfumed and rich

Food: Fruity chicken tagine, scallops

Drink it here: In a summer garden with good company

View our viognier wines

Where you'll find it: France (Alsace, south of France), Mediterranean countries

Flavours: Grape, floral and grapefruit

Style: Distinctively grapy and delicate, capable of bone-dry to lusciously sweet wine

Food: Gazpacho or olives (dry), fruit salad (sweet)

Drink it here: With a starter or nibbles in the sunshine

View our muscat wines

Where you'll find it: Alsace and New Zealand

Flavours: spice, bread and honey

Style: Refreshing, creamy and sometimes unctuously textured

Food: Fresh vegetable dishes, ceviche, prawn and chilli pasta

Drink it here: Weekend dinners, or when trying to show friends what pinot grigio is really capable of!

View our pinot gris wines

Falanghina: Fresh, tangy and often floral southern Italian grape variety. Beautiful with fragrant fish dishes

Torrontés: A floral, sweet-smelling Argentine speciality with similar style to muscat and gewürztraminer

Bacchus: One of the UK's best and most widely planted white grapes, similar in style to New Zealand sauvignon blanc

What makes a wine aromatic?

Grapes and winemaking

Aromatic wine is made from aromatic grapes! It's in their genes. This can be enhanced by winemaking decisions such as fermenting at cooler temperatures to keep the aromas fresh.

More often than not, aromatic wines won't be oak-aged to let the fragrant fruit shine through – but there are certainly exceptions to this unofficial rule.

Food Matching

Soft Cheese

Powerful cheeses need wines full of character so their assertive flavours can match the cheese and cut through the creaminess.

Asian Food

The extra sugar in the likes of gewürztraminer and pinot gris offset the spice (think about why sweet chilli sauce works so well), and these grapes often possess a little spice themselves to complement fragrant flavours.

Creamy Curry

The weighty texture of the likes of viognier and pinot gris can match the similar creaminess of rich dishes, and their fragrant fruitiness cuts through just like the fruit so often found in a tagine or creamy curry.

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