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Offer for: 2020 White Burgundy

Fresh, concentrated, firm wines of excellent quality.

2020 White Burgundy

This is the best white Burgundy vintage since the excellent 2017. The wines are firm, fresh and concentrated with normal alcohol levels. Yields are below average and the quality is excellent. They will be enjoyable quite early but keep well. Flavours are in the normal apple to white peach spectrum and are supported by firm fruit on the palate and good supporting structure. Pouilly-Fuissé obtained its premier cru classification in 2020.

At present only half a crop, due to frost, is estimated for the 2021 vintage, so we highly recommend buying 2020 for its innate quality and good availability.

The weather

The most significant aspect of the weather was the low level of precipitation. It was 62% lower than a normal year in the Côte d’Or and 28% lower in the Mâconnais. The vines shut down because of water stress at the most extreme times. They close their stomata to stop evaporation, and preserve water in the plant, and this stops photosynthesis and therefore ripening. This maintains acidity and explains why the wines taste much fresher than one might suppose. It was a very warm year but the heat distribution meant this was not directly translated into fruit ripeness. The months that were 100-120% hotter than usual were January and February before the grapes were formed. The warm winter advanced the ripening cycle but has less effect than when warm temperatures occur in the growing period. Most months were only about 10% hotter than normal.

Harvest date

The warm year meant flowering began early, between 15th and 25th May. Véraison, when the grapes turn colour, was delayed by the hydric stress, but the harvest took place between 21st and 31st August at Leflaive and from 24th August to 9th September at Château de Beauregard. The grapes were ripe and healthy with relatively low pH (resulting in fresh levels of acidity) relative to ripeness.

On alcohol levels and tasting the wines

We have given alcohol degrees where known, but as the wines are still in cask they are not yet finished, so they are approximate and may change after the final pre-bottling analysis. All the wines were tasted in the UK from samples sent from the suppliers because of travel restrictions.

Diam corks

All the wines in this offer are bottled with Diam corks, and we continue to be pleased with the performance of these closures. These are manufactured from cork using patented processes and have solved the problem of cork taint and variable porosity. Many high-quality producers are using them in Burgundy, as indicated in the notes below. For more information, click here.

This offer will close at midday, Thursday 7th October, 2021

Orders will then be entered into an allocation system and confirmations of successful orders will be sent out by Monday 11th October at the latest.

The wines will be delivered in spring 2022.

Toby Morrhall
Buyer for Burgundy

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