This year the AGM and SGM will be a hybrid format, holding the meeting both in person and online, allowing us to reach a wider number of members. We look forward to meeting you and hearing from you during the meeting.

SGM 2022

Attending the event

Monday 11th July, 2022, starting at 5.45pm.

Click the button below to download the official notice of SGM.

Click the buttons below to download a version of the proposed Rules, including amendments, as proposed in the notice of SGM above, we have also included a tracked version that highlights the various proposed amendments to the rules.

AGM 2022

Attending the event

Monday 11th July, 2022, starting at 5.15pm.

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How do you plan to attend?

To be held at The Queen Elizabeth II Centre, Broad Sanctuary, London SW1P 3EE. You can find details on how to get to the venue here.

Members may bring one guest, but only members are entitled to participate (for example, vote) in the AGM.

There is a charge of £10 per guest to cover the cost of the wine tasting, to be paid at the event.

You can access the meeting by visiting

To access the meeting, you will need first to enter the meeting ID (detailed below) after which you will be prompted to confirm your username and password. These were sent to you by letter or email (depending on your preferences) in late March.

For any new members that have joined since 7th March, 2022 please contact Member Services for your login details.

We would urge all attendees to log in up to an hour early if possible, in case of any technical issues you may experience. If you do experience any difficulties, please email

Lumi login -
Meeting ID - 144-734-958

AGM wine tastings

AGM wine tastings

We are delighted to confirm, whether attending in person or joining online, you are invited to participate in a wine tasting event following the AGM.

Proposed amendments to the rules of The Society

Our Wine Society Rules are regularly reviewed and amended to consider changes in legislation and other issues. The Rules were last amended in 2013 and much has happened since then to make some changes necessary.

The Committee has, therefore, conducted a comprehensive review of the Rules, together with The Society’s legal advisers, and believes there are changes that need to be made and changes that will improve the governance and efficiency of The Society and its business.

Alan Black

How to contact The Wine Society

If you have any questions on the revised Rules, please get in touch with the Secretary, by email at or by post addressed FAO The Company Secretary to The Society, and we will be happy to respond to them.


Annual Review 2022


2021 Annual General Meeting

2021 Annual General Meeting

If you wish, our Annual General Meeting, Annual Review, buyers' reports and financial statements from 2021 are still available to view.

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