Better value, better values

We’re unique in the world of wine because we have no external shareholders to please, we’re able to put profits back into fairer bottle prices for both our members, and the talented winemakers who craft them, so you get real value in every bottle, no fake discounting required.

We work incredibly hard to provide the best possible value we can to our members, from the award-winning range of wines our buyers are tasked with finding, to our Members’ Reserves facility (which offers the most competitive wine-storage service on the market).

‘The Wine Society is almost certainly the best UK retailer for value – not cheapness, but real quality per penny.’
Jancis Robinson MW

Everyday fair pricing vs 'fake' discounting

A discount always has to come from somewhere, usually by inflating the cost of something else! We want to treat members with respect by avoiding dubious price-slashing or inflated discounting. We aim to offer fair, transparent, competitive and sustainable prices for all our wines, taking an 'everyday low price' approach.

This gimmick-free pricing policy means you’ll be getting a great deal all year round. We’re able to put profits back into fairer bottle prices for our members and growers, and we work hard to keep our margins as low as possible.

By briefing our expert team of buyers – with more than 150 years of experience between them – to buy wines they truly believe in (not the ones that make the most profit) they’re able to seek out the very best wines, whether under-the-radar gems, trusty favourites or fine wine treasures. This means they’re also able to forge fruitful, long-lasting relationships with our valued growers, guaranteeing you great quality at every price.

So whether it’s Alfred Gratien, whose outstanding sparkling wines have been a fixture of our Lists for over a century, or the latest winemaking talent, we spend more time visiting our growers, pay fairly and on time, and provide members with their wines at outstanding prices.

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We're proud to offer our members a great deal every day of the year. Video transcript

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Better value, better values

Another year, another Black Friday where you won’t see us taking part.

Our pricing policy makes us different. You’ll never pay more for a bottle than you need to:

  • With no external shareholders to please, we can put profits back into lower prices
  • We always pay our growers a fair price for their efforts: everyone wins!
  • We never take part in loss-leading or fake discounting, choosing everyday fair pricing instead

Don’t just take our word for it…

‘Having a lifetime share in The Wine Society opens the door to some of the best wine bargains in the UK.’ – Jancis Robinson MW,

‘I genuinely think The Wine Society offers some of the best-value wines in Great Britain.’ - Olly Smith, Mail on Sunday

‘We are proud to work on the Exhibition Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir. Our mutual respect and willingness to maintain a sustainable relationship make our collaboration a true pleasure; and the value we offer is passed on directly to members.’ – Claudia Schug, Shug Winery, Sonoma, USA

‘Since our first foray into the UK market, we have enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship with The Wine Society, with the joint ambition of offering the best wine we can and great value. We are proud to work with a company that holds this ethos at the heart of everything they do.’ – Jane Hunter OBE, Hunter’s Wines, Marlborough, NZ

A first class service run for members and wine producers alike…

A first class service that is run for the benefit of the share holder members and the wine producers. Emphasis is on quality wines throughout the price range. Excellent information on the wines. Have recommended to many friends who have joined. The Wine Society is for everyone; a society where there are no stigmas or pretensions. – Trustpilot

Our strongly held principles

Whenever big (or even small) decisions are taken at The Society, we always refer to our core principles. These are a list of non-negotiable rules that make The Society special. They exist to keep us distinctive and true to ourselves, and are at the heart of the way we're run. They include:

  • We don't maximise profits: we don't have to please external shareholders and can put profits back into fairer prices and better service for you.
  • We sell only to members: we don't make profits or compromise our principles by selling to restaurants, wine bars or otherwise 'on-trade'.
  • A member can own a maximum of one share: this means that every member is equal, and no member has an unfair advantage when it comes to buying wine or the service they receive.
  • Our buyers choose wine based on quality and value alone: our buying team are truly independent, only interested in buying bottles they think you'll enjoy.
  • We don't share our members' data to third parties for marketing purposes: so you'll never receive dodgy-looking emails from unknown providers!


The Society's promise

The Society's Promise

Discovering new wines should be fun: our Society Promise means you can explore risk-free and return any wine, for any reason, for a refund or exchange – no quibbles.

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Apostolos and Sebastian Payne MW

The Society’s value charter

The Society aims to provide the best overall value of any wine merchant. We define 'good value' as a combination of price, quality and service.

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Supplier discounts

Occasionally we'll be able to offer discounts or special offers on our wines thanks to the generosity of our suppliers, to encourage you to explore an exciting new style or region. We always aim to let you know where the discount has come from in these cases.

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Integrity, originality and an insatiable curiosity to find the world's most thrilling wines… find out why we've been putting Passion Before Profit since 1874.

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