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Baked golden cenarth with sourdough soldiers

Not exactly a leftover, more a call to arms to make sure you lay in extra supplies.


If you can't get hold of Carwyn Adams' wonderful Golden Cenarth cheese, from the Carmarthenshire/Cardigan border, use a boxed Camembert or a small Vacherin. Either will take a lively young Burgundy wine or a smooth, fruity Beaujolais wine


Preheat the oven to 200°C/Gas 6.Remove the plastic film but keep the cheese in its wooden box. Add an optional tablespoon of white wine and some finely chopped thyme, along with a grinding of black pepper. Bake until the crust has risen and the cheese is bubbling under it. Remove and cool slightly. Serve on a platter with sourdough bread.

Janet Wynne Evans
Janet Wynne Evans

Now retired, Janet was with The Wine Society for 23 years, mostly within our Buying Team. Her Food for Thought column in our newsletter and recipes gained her many loyal followers.

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