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When it comes to our range of beers and ciders, we work with producers who share the same philosophy as those who make the wines we list: an unwavering commitment to quality and a flavour that makes their brews stand out from the crowd.

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Bandit Pale Ale Gipsy Hill Brewing Co London (3.8%, 330ml)

Previously called Beatnik but re-born with a tweak to the recipe to create th...
Price:£1.95 Can
Price:£46.00 Case of 24

Weissbier Alkoholfrei Klosterbrauerei Andechs Germany 50cl

Weissbier Alkoholfrei Klosterbrauerei Andechs Germany 50cl
Price:£2.25 Bottle
Price:£45.00 Case of 20

The Society's English Lager (3.8%, 330ml)

A crisp, refreshing craft lager, made by Braybrooke Brewery in Market Harboro...
Price:£2.50 Bottle
Price:£60.00 Case of 24

Green Mountain Session IPA, Thornbridge Brewey, Derbyshire (4.2%, 330ml)

A truly delicious example of 'modern session IPA' which is lightly hazy and f...
Price:£30.00 Case of 12
Price:£2.50 Can

The Ordinary Bitter, Anspach & Hobday, Bermondsey (3.7%, 440 ml)

A great modern take on a very classically English style of beer. Anspach & Ho...
Price:£2.50 Can
Price:£60.00 Case of 24

Nico Köln Lager, Orbit Brewing, London (4.8%, 330ml)

Inspired by the Kölsch beers of the German city of Cologne (Köln) this is an ...
Price:£2.75 Bottle
Price:£66.00 Case of 24

Faith Pale Ale Northern Monk Brew Co, Leeds 5.4% 440ml

Quite simply one of the best pale ales in the country. A perfectly balanced, ...
Price:£2.95 Can
Price:£35.00 Case of 12

JUPA Pale Ale, Five Points Brewing Co, London (5.5%, 330ml)

From the core range of one of London's great craft breweries, this juicy pale...
Price:£35.00 Case of 12
Price:£2.95 Can

Light Bulb Extra Pale Ale, Verdant Brewing Co, Penryn (4.5%, 440 ml)

This perfect pick-me-up from the extremely highly regarded Verdant Brewing Co...
Price:£2.95 Can
Price:£70.00 Case of 24

The Porter, Anspach & Hobday, Bermondsey (6.7%, 440ml)

Anspach & Hobday are famed for the quality of their porter and so it made per...
Price:£3.50 Can
Price:£84.00 Case of 24

The Pfeffernüsse Stout, Anspach & Hobday, London (6%, 440ml)

Anspach & Hobday are perhaps most well known for the quality of their dark be...
Price:£95.00 Case of 24
Price:£3.95 Can

Collision IPA, Unity Brewing Co, Southampton (6.2%, 440ml)

Full, fresh, hazy IPA with lifted aromas of citrus pith, orange peel and lemo...
Price:£95.00 Case of 24
Price:£3.95 Can

London 1890 Export Stout, The Kernel Brewery, London (7.5%, 330ml)

Although every batch is a little different, The Kernel have always brewed con...
Price:£4.95 Bottle
Price:£119.00 Case of 24

Fog IPA Burnt Mill Brewery Suffolk (440ml)

One of the most consistently excellent brewers of IPA in the UK although stil...
Price:£5.95 Can
Price:£142.50 Case of 24

Cidre Bouche de Normandie

A traditionally produced, only lightly filtered (and therefore slightly hazy)...
Price:£5.95 Bottle
Price:£35.50 Case of 6
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