Fortified fine wine

Top and tail a special dinner, from crisp fino with salty appetisers through to a full-throttle Malmsey Madeira or aged tawny Port with the cheeseboard. Meet intermediate challenges like chocolate pud head-on with glorious liqueur muscat and grenache.

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Showing 16 results

The Society's Exhibition Vintage Port 1980

3 star rating 4 Reviews
Recently recorked, labelled and shipped directly from the Symington family’s ...
Price:£62.00 Bottle
Price:£372.00 Case of 6

Graham's Tawny Port 20 Years Old

4.41667 star rating 12 Reviews
‘Marvellous,’ was Sebastian Payne’s verdict of this serial winner during our ...
Price:£40.00 Bottle
Price:£240.00 Case of 6

Don Zoilo Collection Dry Amontillado 15 Years Old, Williams & Humbert

Spain Palomino
3.83333 star rating 12 Reviews
‘The first thing I wrote down was ‘divine’,’ said Jo Locke MW during our 2022...
Price:£17.00 Bottle
Price:£102.00 Case of 6

Half bottle of Cayetano del Pino Palo Cortado Viejísimo 1-5

Spain Palomino
4.5 star rating 6 Reviews
An outright Champion and Wine Society exclusive, this exquisite sherry, bottl...
Price:£25.00 Half Bottle
Price:£300.00 Case of 12

Fonseca Guimaraens Vintage Port 2008

0 star rating 0 Reviews
Guimaraens is often mistaken for a single quinta Port but it is in fact the f...
Price:£26.00 Bottle
Price:£156.00 Case of 6

Curatolo Arini Marsala Superiore Riserva 10 year old

Italy Grillo
0 star rating 0 Reviews
A Marsala for the drinker, not the cook, presented in an Art Nouveau gift box...
Price:£18.50 Bottle
Price:£111.00 Case of 6

Williams & Humbert As You Like It Amontillado Medium Sweet 50cl

Spain Palomino
4.33333 star rating 3 Reviews
It was no surprise to see this special wine win for another year at our Wine ...
Price:£31.00 Bottle
Price:£124.00 Case of 4

Quinta de la Rosa Vintage Port 2009

0 star rating 0 Reviews
Mature single Quinta Port from a beautiful family-owned property in the heart...
Price:£42.00 Bottle
Price:£252.00 Case of 6

Half bottle of Warre's 2016

0 star rating 0 Reviews
The oldest of the British Port houses, and owned by the Symington family sinc...
Price:£30.00 Half Bottle
Price:£360.00 Case of 12

Banyuls Cuvée Léon Parcé, Domaine de la Rectorie 2018

France Grenache/Garnacha
0 star rating 0 Reviews
Made from older vines, this is densely packed and concentrated with plenty of...
Price:£24.00 Bottle
Price:£144.00 Case of 6

Rivesaltes, Domaine de Rancy 1978

France Maccabeu
0 star rating 0 Reviews
A rare masterpiece bottled in 2008 after nearly 50 years in cask. A quite ext...
Price:£75.00 Bottle
Price:£900.00 Case of 12

Blandy's Colheita Madeira Single Harvest Bual 2003 50cl

0 star rating 0 Reviews
From a hot, dry year ideal for the grape, this Madeira spent thirteen years i...
Price:£46.00 Bottle
Price:£276.00 Case of 6

Rivesaltes Ambré, Domaine de Rancy 1998 50cl

France Maccabeu
0 star rating 0 Reviews
This is a rare treasure from the south of France, a round and complex-tasting...
Price:£21.00 Bottle
Price:£252.00 Case of 12

Half bottle of Salto al Cielo Estate Aged Oloroso

Spain Palomino
3 star rating 1 Reviews
This 25-year-old oloroso is aged in highly seasoned oak butts from a solera s...
Price:£64.00 Half Bottle
Price:£384.00 Case of 6

Croft 2017

0 star rating 0 Reviews
This Port does not have the power of its stablemates Fonseca and Taylor's but...
Price:£58.00 Bottle
Price:£348.00 Case of 6

Half bottle of Sánchez Romate Oloroso Encontrado 1-5

Spain Palomino
4.7 star rating 10 Reviews
Encontrado, meaning 'found', is a very old, rare oloroso sherry that has neve...
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