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Showing 20 results

Duo Des Mers Sauvignon-Viognier, Vin de France 2020

France Sauvignon Blanc
This clever blend of Gascon sauvignon blanc’s lemony crispness and Languedoc ...
Price:£6.75 Bottle
Price:£81.00 Case of 12

Les Pierres Bordes, Marsanne-Viognier, Pays d'Oc 2020

France Marsanne
This marriage of two Rhône grape varieties from the Minervois-Saint-Chinian b...
Price:£6.50 Bottle
Price:£78.00 Case of 12

The Society's French Dry White 2020

France Roussanne
This is supplied to us by Languedoc producer Domaine du Bosc, whose diversity...
Price:£6.75 Bottle
Original price: £81.00 Current price:£71.00 Case of 12

The Society's Picpoul de Pinet 2020

France Picpoul
Picpoul de Pinet, now a cru of the Languedoc in the south of France, produces...
Price:£8.75 Bottle
Price:£105.00 Case of 12

Picpoul de Pinet, Domaine Félines Jourdan 2020

France Picpoul
One of the best-value whites from the south of France. Full-flavoured, dry ye...
Price:£8.95 Bottle
Price:£107.00 Case of 12

Viognier, Pays d'Oc, Pennautier 2020

France Viognier
Delicately fragrant, soft, full-bodied southern French white offering tropica...
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Chardonnay, Pays d'Oc, Domaine de Pennautier 2020

France Chardonnay
A lovely fruity chardonnay from outside Carcassonne in the south of France, w...
Price:£7.95 Bottle
Original price: £95.00 Current price:£83.00 Case of 12

Viognier, Pays d'Oc, Domaine du Bosc 2020

France Viognier
A textbook expression of southern French viognier, this exotic, peachy and ri...
Price:£7.95 Bottle
Price:£95.00 Case of 12

Grenache Blanc, Pays d'Oc, Domaine du Bosc 2020

France Grenache Blanc
Soft, round and very easy on the palate, fuller-bodied in 2019, this is a ful...
Price:£6.75 Bottle
Price:£81.00 Case of 12

Corbières Blanc Le Blanc Paysan, Castelmaure 2020

France Grenache Blanc
This exemplary Languedoc-Roussillon co-operative's main vocation is red wine ...
Price:£8.75 Bottle
Price:£52.50 Case of 6

Corbières Blanc Cuvée Prestige, Château Ollieux-Romanis 2019

France Marsanne Roussanne
The Corbières hills of the Languedoc-Roussillon are better known for red wine...
Price:£17.50 Bottle
Price:£105.00 Case of 6

Collioure Blanc, Domaine du Col de Mollo 2019

France Grenache/Garnacha
Distinctive, full-flavoured, herby white from some of the most remarkable vin...
Price:£12.95 Bottle
Price:£77.50 Case of 6

Côtes du Roussillon Blanc Coume Marie, La Préceptorie 2020

France Grenache Blanc
This southern French blend includes ripe grenache gris and grenache blanc gra...
Price:£13.95 Bottle
Price:£83.50 Case of 6

Languedoc 'Pourquoi Pas', Château de Valflaunès 2020

France Marsanne Roussanne
A dry, herby white from Pic Saint-Loup in the Languedoc in which marsanne and...
Price:£12.50 Bottle
Price:£75.00 Case of 6

Limoux Blanc, Dédicace, Château Rives-Blanques 2020

France Chenin Blanc
Full-bodied chenin from the Aude Valley in the Languedoc that is steeped in h...
Price:£12.95 Bottle
Price:£77.50 Case of 6

Saint-Jean de Minervois, Muscat Sec, Domaine de Barroubio 2020

France Muscat
Perfect with the asparagus season about to start, this is a fragrant, full-bo...
Price:£9.75 Bottle
Price:£58.50 Case of 6

Domaine Jones Blanc 'A Different Direction' 2019

France Grenache Gris
A joyous blend of traditional grapes from this part of the deep south of Fran...
Price:£13.50 Bottle
Price:£81.00 Case of 6

Domaine Gauby Blanc La Jasse, Côtes Catalanes 2019

France Muscat
Maybe not one for the purists but this is a deliciously refreshing muscat mad...
Price:£18.50 Bottle
Price:£222.00 Case of 12

Côtes Catalanes Les Calcinaires Blanc, Domaine Gauby 2019

France Maccabeu
The mainstay of this Roussillon white is the macabeu grape which is the same ...
Price:£18.50 Bottle
Price:£222.00 Case of 12

Bleu Blanc Thau, Picpoul-Terret, Côtes de Thau, Florensac 2020

France Terret
From oyster country, behind the Etang de Thau on the Mediterranean coast of F...
Price:£7.25 Bottle
Price:£87.00 Case of 12
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