Pflaz - Wonderful full, spicy, dry Riesling wines

This area was once the most valuable agricultural land in Germany, and today the four villages of Forst, Deidesheim, Wachenheim and Ruppertsberg have outstanding potential, being fully realised again after a disappointing patch in the 1980s. Full, spicy, essentially dry wines.

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Showing 17 results

The Society's Ruppertsberg 2020

Germany Sylvaner
4.22222 star rating 18 Reviews
The co-operative movement has historically been important in Germany and Rupp...
Price:£7.50 Bottle
Price:£90.00 Case of 12

Ruppertsberger Hoheburg Riesling Kabinett 2021

Germany Riesling
4 star rating 1 Reviews
Great-value off-dry riesling. Full-flavoured with citrus fruit, succulent and...
Price:£7.95 Bottle
Price:£95.00 Case of 12

Ruppertsberg Linsenbusch Grauburgunder Trocken, Ruppertsberg Winzerverein 2020

Germany Pinot Gris
4 star rating 2 Reviews
Attractively rounded pinot gris from the Pfalz in Germany, with ripe stone-fr...
Price:£8.75 Bottle
Price:£105.00 Case of 12

Dornfelder Trocken, Anselmann 2020

4 star rating 5 Reviews
A German original, with deep violet colour and a bright, ripe forthright frui...
Price:£8.95 Bottle
Price:£107.00 Case of 12

Weissburgunder, Weingut Jülg 2020

Germany Pinot Blanc
4 star rating 1 Reviews
A deliciously fruity, juicy, dry pinot blanc in a fresh and direct style. A G...
Price:£11.95 Bottle
Price:£71.50 Case of 6

Grauburgunder, Kalkmergel, Weingut Julg 2019

Germany Pinot Gris
0 star rating 0 Reviews
A fragrant, spicy German pinot gris, full-flavoured and long. There is aprico...
Original price: £13.95 Current price:£12.50 Bottle
Original price: £83.50 Current price:£75.00 Case of 6

Gewürztraminer, Weingut Jülg 2021

Germany Gewurztraminer
0 star rating 0 Reviews
Richly flavoured, fruity with a touch of spice, this comes from a family esta...
Price:£13.50 Bottle
Price:£81.00 Case of 6

Forster Riesling, Heinrich Spindler 2020

Germany Riesling
5 star rating 1 Reviews
Gorgeous, dry, fruity riesling with a touch of citrus. This tastes both ripe ...
Price:£13.95 Bottle
Price:£167.00 Case of 12

Weissburgunder, Haardt, Muller-Catoir 2019

Germany Pinot Blanc
0 star rating 0 Reviews
Bone-dry, clean and refreshing pinot blanc from the Palatinate in Germany. Th...
Original price: £15.50 Current price:£13.95 Bottle
Original price: £186.00 Current price:£167.00 Case of 12

Scheurebe, Haardt, Müller-Catoir 2019

Germany Scheurebe
0 star rating 0 Reviews
Crisp, bone-dry and refreshing German white with a hint of grapefruit, and a ...
Original price: £16.00 Current price:£14.00 Bottle
Original price: £192.00 Current price:£168.00 Case of 12

Gimmeldingen Riesling, Müller-Catoir 2019

Germany Riesling
0 star rating 0 Reviews
Exceptionally good dry riesling from the Palatinate region of Germany. This i...
Price:£16.00 Bottle
Price:£192.00 Case of 12

Wachenheimer Riesling, Bürklin-Wolf 2020

Germany Riesling
0 star rating 0 Reviews
The German village of Wachenheim lies on volcanic soils and always makes wine...
Price:£18.00 Bottle
Price:£216.00 Case of 12

Riesling, Bürgergarten Trocken, Müller-Catoir 2019

Germany Riesling
0 star rating 0 Reviews
From a premier cru vineyard in the Pfalz, this is a fine, steely German riesl...
Original price: £21.00 Current price:£18.50 Bottle
Original price: £252.00 Current price:£222.00 Case of 12

Half bottle of Rieslaner, Herzog Auslese, Müller-Catoir 2019

Germany Rieslaner
0 star rating 0 Reviews
A lovely nectar from Germany, with tropical fruit flavours that are fully sweet.
Price:£19.00 Half Bottle
Price:£228.00 Case of 12

Schweigen Sonnenberg Riesling, Weingut Jülg 2016

Germany Riesling
0 star rating 0 Reviews
An exceptionally good dry riesling from the border town of Schweigen in Germa...
Price:£19.00 Bottle
Price:£228.00 Case of 12

Scheurebe Mandelring Spätlese, Müller-Catoir 2018

Germany Scheurebe
0 star rating 0 Reviews
A lovely, graceful sweet white from Germany, for sipping on its own in quiet ...
Price:£24.00 Bottle
Price:£288.00 Case of 12

Riesling Kalkmergel, Knipser 2019

Germany Riesling
0 star rating 0 Reviews
Fabulous, fruity German riesling from the northern Pfalz. A wine of precision...
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