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Previous en primeur offer PDFs

PDFs from closed en primeur offers can be helpful when looking for details about a wine or region. The PDFs include the list of wines from the offer, their drink dates, tasting notes, and price at the time of sale, along with more information about the vintage and region.

Download PDFs going back to offers from 2010 using the links below. These are the original copies, so do bear in mind that drink dates (never an exact science!) may have subsequently been revised. If you're looking for the up-to-date drinking window for a wine you have in Reserves, please visit My Reserves.

Here you'll find PDFs of Bordeaux en primeur offerings going back to the 2010 vintage. We tend to run two offers each year - a main offer and a pre-order offer. Make sure to check both if you are unable to find a wine.

Here you'll find PDFs of Rhône and Languedoc-Roussillon en primeur offerings going back to the 2010 vintage.

Only 'declared' in exceptional years, vintage Port represents the cream of the crop. Here you'll find PDFs of our previous en primeur offerings, going back to the 2000 vintage. 

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Secure your share of in-demand wines before they’re bottled with our popular en primeur service.

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En primeur remaining stocks

Here’s where you’ll find any remaining stocks from En Primeur offers. At the moment we have sold through all our allocations. Any remnants for future en primeurs will be updated here.

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