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With delicious new wines and fresh vintages arriving by the truck load, The Society needs your help to clear the decks. Prices include UK delivery for orders of at least 12 bottles or £75. The wines are priced to clear and will sell out; quick ordering is recommended.

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Showing 30 results

Peltier Road Californian Sauvignon Blanc 2019

USA Sauvignon Blanc
A little bit of Californian sunshine can be imagined when sipping this crisp,...
Original price: £6.95 Current price:£5.95 Bottle
Original price: £41.50 Current price:£35.00 Case of 6

Saint-Chinian, Domaine Raynier 2019

France Carignan Grenache
This good-value, full-flavoured Languedoc red is soft, this is a true member ...
Price:£6.25 Bottle
Price:£75.00 Case of 12 (out of stock)

Young & Wild Broadleaf Melnik, Villa Melnik 2019

Bulgaria Melnik
Juicy, full-bodied and wonderfully perfumed wine from Bulgaria's native melni...
Original price: £8.95 Current price:£8.00 Bottle
Original price: £107.00 Current price:£96.00 Case of 12

Heidi Schröck & Söhne 'Wine Champion' Blaufränkisch, Burgenland 2020

Austria Blaufrankisch
Informed of this sample’s tasting room triumph, Austria’s Heidi Schrock was a...
Original price: £9.95 Current price:£8.50 Bottle
Original price: £59.50 Current price:£51.00 Case of 6

Withington Roan Ranger Darling 2018

South Africa Grenache/Garnacha
Withington Roan Ranger Darling 2018
Original price: £9.95 Current price:£8.75 Bottle
Original price: £59.50 Current price:£52.50 Case of 6

Painted Wolf ‘Peloton' Rouge, Coastal 2018

South Africa
A rich, smooth Mediterranean-style blend with a little pinotage adding a spri...
Original price: £9.95 Current price:£8.95 Bottle
Original price: £59.50 Current price:£53.50 Case of 6

Orvieto Classico Superiore Castagnolo, Barberani 2019

Italy Grechetto
Niccolò Barberani puts heart and soul into this brilliant Italian blend, whic...
Original price: £10.95 Current price:£9.50 Bottle
Original price: £131.00 Current price:£114.00 Case of 12

Blackbook Winery, The Mixup 2018

England Bacchus
A daring curiosity for adventurous palates, courtesy of an American winemaker...
Original price: £11.95 Current price:£9.95 Bottle
Original price: £143.00 Current price:£119.00 Case of 12

Verdicchio di Matelica Terravignata, Borgo Paglianetto 2019

Italy Verdicchio
Verdicchio is one of Italy's best dry white wine grapes and those from Mateli...
Original price: £10.95 Current price:£9.95 Bottle
Original price: £65.50 Current price:£58.95 Case of 6

Orange Bacchus, Litmus, Kent 2020

England Bacchus
Delicious English orange wine from the hugely successful 2020 vintage. Made u...
Original price: £13.95 Current price:£12.50 Bottle
Original price: £83.50 Current price:£75.00 Case of 6

Szolo Tempo Tokaji Furmint 2019

Hungary Furmint
Timea Éless is the woman behind this tiny-production, minimal-intervention Hu...
Original price: £15.50 Current price:£13.95 Bottle
Original price: £93.00 Current price:£83.50 Case of 6

Coteaux du Languedoc Blanc, Cocalières, Domaine Aupilhac 2018

France Marsanne Roussanne
Cocalières is the name of a vineyard in the Languedoc planted at about 1,000 ...
Original price: £18.50 Current price:£16.50 Bottle
Original price: £222.00 Current price:£198.00 Case of 12

Côtes du Roussillon Blanc Terres Nouvelles, La Preceptorie 2017

France Grenache Blanc
This is 100% grenache gris, fermented and raised in barrel. This old grape va...
Original price: £19.00 Current price:£17.00 Bottle
Original price: £114.00 Current price:£102.00 Case of 6

Domaine Arena Blanc, Biancu Gentile 2016

France Bianco Gentile
Corsica used to be a haven for countless grape varieties before the phylloxer...
Original price: £25.00 Current price:£22.00 Bottle
Original price: £300.00 Current price:£264.00 Case of 12

Domaine Arena Blanc, Biancu Gentile 2017

France Bianco Gentile
A fresh-flavoured, fragrant dry Corsican white with a touch of flint and wild...
Original price: £26.00 Current price:£23.00 Bottle
Original price: £156.00 Current price:£138.00 Case of 6

Collines Rhodaniennes Esprit d'Antan, Domaine Villa 2017

France Syrah/Shiraz
Complex and refined with notes of raspberry and black cherry, this is a fine,...
Original price: £30.00 Current price:£27.00 Bottle
Original price: £180.00 Current price:£162.00 Case of 6

The Grange, Hampshire Classic Brut NV

England Chardonnay
England’s exceptional showing this year is testament to remarkably speedy pro...
Original price: £31.00 Current price:£27.50 Bottle
Original price: £186.00 Current price:£165.00 Case of 6

Saint-Joseph Izeras, Domaine de Boisseyt 2017

France Syrah/Shiraz
From a parcel of very old syrah planted before the war, this is a ripe-tastin...
Original price: £32.00 Current price:£28.50 Bottle
Original price: £192.00 Current price:£171.00 Case of 6

Scharzhofberg Riesling Auslese, von Hovel 2015

Germany Riesling
Fine, racy, fruity riesling from the Saar. This is sweet but fresh tasting an...
Original price: £35.00 Current price:£31.50 Bottle
Original price: £420.00 Current price:£378.00 Case of 12 (out of stock)

Saint-Joseph Tilde, Domaine Pierre-Jean Villa 2017

France Syrah/Shiraz
A thickly textured yet juicy wine from Pierre-Jean Villa, set to become a maj...
Original price: £35.00 Current price:£31.50 Bottle
Original price: £210.00 Current price:£189.00 Case of 6

Gusbourne Brut Reserve, Kent 2016

England Chardonnay
Rich and expressive English sparkling wine from Gusbourne in Kent from the hi...
Original price: £39.00 Current price:£35.00 Bottle
Original price: £234.00 Current price:£210.00 Case of 6

Hambledon Première Cuvée Brut, Hampshire NV

England Pinot Noir Meunier Chardonnay
An assured showing from this Hampshire favourite, which has triumphed in many...
Original price: £43.00 Current price:£38.50 Bottle
Original price: £258.00 Current price:£231.00 Case of 6

Châteauneuf-du-Pape Blanc, Clos des Papes 2018

France Picpoul
All six white Châteauneuf varieties are used by Vincent Avril, but in 2018, t...
Original price: £58.00 Current price:£52.00 Bottle
Original price: £348.00 Current price:£312.00 Case of 6

Gusbourne Blanc de Blancs, Kent 2016

England Chardonnay
A shining light in this tasting and surely one of England’s finest wines, thi...
Original price: £59.00 Current price:£53.00 Bottle
Original price: £354.00 Current price:£318.00 Case of 6

Barbadillo Manzanilla Pasada 37.5cl with Sherry Copitas & Olive Selection

This Manzanilla has been aged for 8 years before bottling, making it a ‘Pasad...
Original price: £35.00 Current price:£29.00 Case of 3

Cartwright & Butler Summer Treats

A little bit of luxury from Cartwright & Butler, with a selection of deliciou...
Original price: £65.00 Current price:£49.00 Case of 1

Summer WWF Lighter Wines Mixed Case

Summer WWF Lighter Wines Mixed Case
Price:£85.00 Case of 12

Summer WWF Worldwide Wonders Whites Case

Summer WWF Worldwide Wonders Whites Case
Price:£107.00 Case of 12

Summer WWF French Classics Reds Case

Summer WWF French Classics Reds Case
Price:£125.00 Case of 12

Poggio Verde Frascati Superiore, Pallavicini 2019

Italy Malvasia
This famous Italian estate makes the finest Frascati we know from a judicious...
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