Biodynamic wines are made by working with the land, combining organic farming with a holistic attitude. Find out more about biodynamics.

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Showing 18 results

Corbières Les Gourgoules, Château de Caraguilhes 2020

France Syrah/Shiraz
4 star rating 4 Reviews
Deeply coloured red from a top estate in the Corbiéres. Richly flavoured and ...
Price:£12.95 Bottle
Price:£155.00 Case of 12

Côte Roannaise Éclat de Granite, Domaine Sérol 2021

France Gamay
0 star rating 0 Reviews
Deliciously light and fruity gamay with a flavour of cherry pips, ripe but wi...
Original price: £13.50 Current price:£11.95 Bottle
Original price: £162.00 Current price:£143.00 Case of 12

Matetic Corralillo San Antonio Gewurztraminer 2020

Chile Gewurztraminer
3.75 star rating 8 Reviews
Thanks to low yields and a cool climate this is a concentrated yet fine-flavo...
Price:£9.95 Bottle
Price:£59.50 Case of 6

Koyle Cerro Basalto Garnatxa 2018

Chile Grenache/Garnacha
3.33333 star rating 9 Reviews
First vintage of this seductive and opulent Chilean garnacha made from low yi...
Original price: £15.50 Current price:£13.95 Bottle
Original price: £186.00 Current price:£167.00 Case of 12

Château Grand Corbin Despagne, Saint-Emilion 2015

France Merlot
4.25 star rating 4 Reviews
A high-class claret from owner François Despagne, who believes passionately t...
Price:£37.00 Bottle
Price:£444.00 Case of 12

Riesling Clos Häuserer, Domaine Zind Humbrecht 2018

France Riesling
5 star rating 2 Reviews
This comes from one of Alsace's top estates who have vineyards across the dif...
Price:£32.00 Bottle
Price:£192.00 Case of 6

Riesling Roche Roulée, Domaine Zind-Humbrecht 2019

France Riesling
4 star rating 2 Reviews
Formerly bottled as Herrenweg, this is a fine young riesling from a great Als...
Price:£21.00 Bottle
Price:£126.00 Case of 6

Pinot Gris 'Roche Calcaire', Domaine Zind-Humbrecht 2019

France Pinot Gris
4 star rating 1 Reviews
Alsace pinot gris from fruit grown predominantly on the chalky soils of the C...
Price:£21.00 Bottle
Price:£126.00 Case of 6

Le Soula Rouge, Vin de Pays des Côtes Catalanes 2014

France Carignan Grenache
3 star rating 3 Reviews
A full-flavoured and characterful blend of carignan, syrah and grenache, plan...
Price:£28.00 Bottle
Price:£168.00 Case of 6

Pinot Gris Heimbourg, Domaine Zind Humbrecht 2017

France Pinot Gris
0 star rating 0 Reviews
Alsace's Heimbourg vineyard, of which Zind-Humbrecht own 1.6 hectares, lies o...
Price:£32.00 Bottle
Price:£192.00 Case of 6

Arbois Rouge, Trousseau, Singulier, Domaine Tissot 2019

France Trousseau
4.5 star rating 2 Reviews
This unusual, very pale Jura red from eastern France has a long and persisten...
Price:£32.00 Bottle
Price:£192.00 Case of 6

Koyle Cerro Basalto Mediterraneo Alto Colchagua 2019

3 star rating 3 Reviews
This vivid, spicy blend of Mediterranean varieties (hence the name) impressed...
Price:£19.00 Bottle
Price:£114.00 Case of 6

Arbois Traminer, Domaine Tissot 2018

France Savagnin
0 star rating 0 Reviews
Traminer is synonymous with savagnin and in the eastern French appellation of...
Price:£38.50 Bottle
Price:£231.00 Case of 6

Le Soula Blanc, Vin de Pays des Côtes Catalanes 2016

France Sauvignon Blanc
3 star rating 4 Reviews
An exciting, full-flavoured dry white from high-altitude vineyards in the Rou...
Price:£27.00 Bottle
Price:£162.00 Case of 6

Muscat Turckheim, Domaine Zind Humbrecht 2019

France Muscat
0 star rating 0 Reviews
Floral but refined, crisp, dry muscat from one of the masters of the grape in...
Price:£18.50 Bottle
Price:£111.00 Case of 6

Reyneke Organic Reserve Sauvignon Blanc, Stellenbosch 2017

South Africa Sauvignon Blanc
4 star rating 2 Reviews
Grown-up South African sauvignon blanc (which means this is more of a fine dr...
Price:£25.00 Bottle
Price:£150.00 Case of 6 (out of stock)

Koyle Cerro Basalto Garnatxa 2019

Chile Grenache/Garnacha
2.33333 star rating 3 Reviews
The first vintage of a seductive and opulent Chilean garnacha, made from low ...
Price:£16.00 Bottle
Price:£96.00 Case of 6

Ermite Rouge, L'Ermite, Chapoutier 2018

France Syrah/Shiraz
0 star rating 0 Reviews
The vines of L’Ermite surround the chapel at the top of the hill of Hermitage...
Price:£235.00 Bottle
Price:£1,410.00 Case of 6
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